Soapberry Lane

Hazel_SCFebruary 18, 2003

I just got an email that soapberry lane is going out of business & they have a bunch of stuff marked down through the end of march. Didn't go check it out, but thought I'd post in case anyone is interested.

Also, don't have a link at this moment...


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SoapBerry Lane link. I did go poke around for a minute - but couldn't find any deep discounts...wonder if the site will be updating soon. Thanks for the tip, Hazel [:)]


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Below is part of the email I received from soapberry lane:


SoapBerry Lane is closing. All fragrance oils, colorants, and packaging materials are specially priced through the end of February, middle of March depending on response. Items (with the exception of soap base and liquidation items) that havenÂt been reduced already will be entitled to a 25-50% discount, which will be figured after you place your order. If you require a firm total, please indicate this in the comments section of your online order

Hope this helps-if not i guess email them for info?


(PS-I presume I'm on their mailing list.......)

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