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CraftyGirl75February 21, 2003

Hey all -

Just thought I'd let you all know my opinions on the companies, products, etc., from which I ordered recently.

Wholesale Supplies Plus - Very pleased. Prompt shipment. Haven't tried the base yet, but will let you know. I think some of you have ordered base from them before though. I also ordered ground pumice and loofah, a foot and lighthouse mold. Very nice.

Candles & Supplies - Ordered from them before. Great price and variety on scents. However, thought I was ordering squirt caps and tops for my scents and got not only the caps and tops, but the bottles also. Site could be a bit more detailed. Prompt shipment.

Autumn Windz - Great Variety. I'd let you know how the product was if I'd received it. Slow shipment, never received shipment confirmation by e-mail as indicated I would. No answer from e-mail or on telephone. However, they were quick to charge my debit account.

Anyway - I'll let you know more when it arrives.


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Hi Heather!

I agree w/your opinion of WSS. I ordered some strawberry & apricot seeds, when I first started soaping, and I couldn't believe HOW MUCH I got! I haven't had any troubles with their base and find they offer it at a good price.

I don't have experience w/any other soap supply company - relying on a few supplies from the craft store (LOTP dye & mica). One thing I will say is LOTP molds suck like a vacuum cleaner! They are flimsy and don't hold up well to repeated unmoldings.

Good luck w/your Autumn Windz shipment...hope it arrives soon!


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Interesting to hear your thoughts on the LOTP molds, Jill. I feel that way with Delta molds. The asian characters mold I have is wearing out only after like 3 uses! They're very flimsy and even if I gently unmold, the corners of the mold kinda collapses and gets creased, like if you bend a piece of metal and try to bend it back...it never gets back to the original shape...if that makes any sense.

Alot of people are big fans of WSS, I like them too, have had no problems with my order.

I'll plug the the soap goat...LOVE them! Mo has good prices on molds and I always look there first when I need a specific one. Website is easy to navigate and customer service is excellent.


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I agree Andrea, Delts sucks. I think most suck in comparrison to Milky Way. LOTP I think are a bit better than Delta, but not high on my list of faves. But it's what you can buy locally. SoapSations is not too bad, but right along the same lines as the other two. I will say that SoapSations base is the worst I've come across yet. They package it in plastic wrap with a colored label on the inside with directions on it or something. The problem is the color from the label transfered onto my block of soap (@$24.99 per 10lb.) and permanently discolored the block in that section. It has a pretty bad smell when heated also. I will never buy it again.

I'm sticking with WSSP base from now on. And C&S for my scent.

Autumn Windz has still not returned my message. I am pretty ticked. Going to have a field day on Monday with them.


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WSS has a good product, decent prices & they ship quick!
Brambleberry.com has some good scented oils, as does Lavenderlane.com. Both ship quickly, items well packed.


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Correction - it's not SoapSations - but Soap Creations that has bad/stinky base. Sorry about that.

Also - update on Autumn Windz: After no e-mail/phone response I faxed her a letter telling her that she had 24 hours to contact me before I contacted my credit card to stop the funds. She did call and leave a message on my voice mail. However, the message didn't say one thing about my order, just that she works a full time job and has a family besides having the online business - and that there's not much she can do about that. I still don't know the status of my order! I left another fax for her - seeing how calling is useless. I can say that I will not order from her again and I'll probably be lucky to even see this order. Before I sent her the first fax I did a search on her through e-bay. She sells there and had only 9 negative responses out of like 250+ comments. But those 9 did say things like product never received, doesn't respond to e-mails, doesn't answer phone.... Just some info in case anyone has thought about ordering from her. If anyone has anything good to say about the company let us know!


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I'll start this by saying: These are just MY OPINIONS, for what they are worth!

As an ebay seller, 9 negatives out of 250 feedback is a pretty high percentage!
As an ebay buyer, I'd avoid her on ebay & a web site! (Just my opinion)

As an ebay seller & a person with a web site those excuses as to why she hasn't dealt with you order (as far as you can tell) don't wash with me. If you are going to sell on the internet in any venue-web site, ebay, whatever, you need to plan to deal with that.
It's not any different than any other "job", except that you are working from home, & some people just don't do that well. (I had cellulitisis (which started spreading) & an upper respriatroy infection last June. Flat on my back in bed for 2 days, then basically stuck resting for the rest of the week. Even when I was stuck in bed, I got up once a day to check the computer-maybe for a whole 5 minutes, but if there was an email that needed an answer, they got a VERY SHORT answer, ending with I am alive, but sick. if you need more info, I'll get it to you asap, but it will be a day or so. [phrased better, of course]. I also have a friend who lives about ½ hr away, if I CAN'T do the computer because I'm too sick, she'll come over & do it.)

Ebay & my web site made up the majority of my craft income last year, I can't afford to run it badly.....and people like this lady make people cautious of buying on the internet....

Sorry about the rant, & sorry for your bad experience with that seller!

I hope it resolves in your favor-either getting the order, or contacting the CC company & stopping payment.
How long has it been since you ordered?


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I appreciate your opinions! Here's some more of mine.

I do agree with you. I let her know that I felt it was bad business and poor character. Did I say "only" in my earlier post? Nine is high. I wish I'd thought to look her up on e-bay before I ordered from her. I would have never ordered if I'd seen those comments. It's been two weeks since the order was placed. To me, two weeks is plenty of time to get an order shipped and provide buyer with a tracking number. If I let any of my customers supplies sit in the warehouse for two weeks I'd lose business left and right. And it's not so much the time frame, but that there was no communication. She didn't respond to e-mails and doesn't even have an answering machine. I felt the least she could have done was write (like you said - take 5 seconds) and say "I'm busy this week, will ship order ASAP." or something along those lines. Avoiding calls and not answering e-mails looks very bad to me.

I had also placed two other orders from two other companies on the same day. Both those packages came three days later. And one of them was just from a small company who doesn't have that great of a web site. AW web site is pretty nice, she even has a PDF brochure and a newsletter.

Thanks for the comments Hazel.


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You did better than me......I placed on order for jojoba spheres from a company on a wednesday, didn't hear from them, emailed them a couple of times between thursday & sunday & finally emailed on monday evening & told them to cancel my order. I said if my order meant so little to them they couldn't contact me in 5 days, I didn't need to do business with them.
The owner did call me the next day & left a message on my machine that she had been out sick, & was just back in the office, but again, my thoughts were...someone should have been able to at least contact people....If you had a business in the real world, a B&M store, you would have at least put a sign up, or had someone open up for you so you don't lose business.

I give you bonus points, you are WAY more patient than me!

Does she ship via the post office, or UPS? If it's post office, You can always contact her & let her know that you will be filing a claim with the post office for mail fraud if you don't recieve the items within 30 days.

From what they told me when I was checking into doing the web site, I am "expected" to ship with a "reasonable" time frame, & in their opinion that was 30 days. If I can't send it within that time frame, you need to post that info (just like in the catalogs where some thing say "may take 4-6 weeks to ship) on the web site, other wise customers can file complaints against you.
Just a thought....


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She ships UPS. She hasn't responded to last attempt to contact her - a day and a half ago. I talked to my bank and they are filing the paperwork to have the funds returned. What a disappointment.

I am patient Hazel, but now I'm beyond angry. I tried to give her a second chance. You would think people in her situation would redeem themselves immediately. But she's not bothering.

All I can say to those who order on line is avoid her!


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Sorry about your luck, Heather. I have purchased too many items from ebay & have only had one bad experience where I never rec'd the product or my money back.
As far as other suppliers, I agree with all the opinions on
WWS. I also love Brambleberry & rec'd some wonderful fo's
from Soapsupplies.net. Heavenlycountryscents has great items & have rec'd super customer service from all those mentioned. Sandra

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