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marti8aJanuary 30, 2012

Rather than copy everything I said, here's a link to the other thread.

Post on Kitchen Forum

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No reason for this to stay on top.

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Well I loved your inspiration pictures. No good suggestions for you. the shelf divider is a good one if it leaves room for the table to expand.

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I showed dh all my inspiration pictures for ceilings and he thinks we need to do a mock up to see what it will really look like. He is tired of redoing things when they don't turn out like we want, and I am afraid of making the house so weird that it will be hard to sell. I've been watching my mom do that with her house, and she doesn't see it at all.

It's so much easier to see stuff like that on someone else's house that I'm doubting all my choices now.

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If you're not sure...go with the flat ceiling and the beadboard. It's a small space and you don't want to overshadow the table and chairs...the main focal point, of the room. I like your idea for the built in hutch...but the shelves, between the space will be dust catchers. The beam between the two spaces would look nice and I'd paint everything white/cream, since it is a small space and you want as much natural light, as possible.

I would think country cottage with a few rustic touches. If you wanted a few beams on the ceiling, I would paint them, white wash or keep a lighter wood tone. It's nice to have some ceiling details, but it's so easy to go too far and there's no way the rest of the room can compete. I'd emphasize the china cabinet, windows and find some really pretty chairs with upholstered seats of slipcovers. A pretty, but sturdy table, some flowers and maybe some of your blue and white dishes, in the hutch. What more could you want? :)

Here's a pretty picture I found the other day. It might be nice to have something like this in the dining room and another display in the kitchen, to tie the two areas together.

From Kitchen plans

Is there anyway you can paint those cabinets? Maybe even just the uppers? A soft creamy yellow might be nice and it would look great with the blue, too. I know I posted this on the other thread...but I just love it!

From Kitchen plans

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I think you're right LL. Can't go wrong with the flat ceiling. Dh is adamant about not painting the kitchen cabinets. However, I'm having fits getting the stain to match on the old & newer ones. I'll take a picture after the latest set dries a bit and see if you see what I see.

Dh also really wants to mount a tv between the china cabinets. I told him I didn't want one there, but I don't really care. When something else comes up that I really do want, I'll have something to give in on. Such a stubborn man, and once he has made a stand, he won't just give in.

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Paint for TV? Show him the the wood floors and chairs blend so well with the paint. Maybe some painted uppers or accent cabinets?

And a little flat screen TV might not be a bad idea. It would be kind of nice to watch the news, while you're cooking dinner :)

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Paint is one of my ideas - see the cabinet photos in my new post.

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Just found this picture, on the kitchen forum. I thought of you, with the beadboard ceiling on one side, wood on the other and the beam, in between. Maybe it will help you decide what you want to do, in your space :)

From [Kitchen plans](
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LL, that picture also looks like the "dining room side" has a raised or cathedral ceiling (or is it just me?)...
I think that if it doesn't cost you tons more, I would seriously consider raising the ceiling on your dining room, Marti. Since the kitchen ceiling is only 8 feet, and the kitchen is long and narrow, a higher ceiling in the dining room will give you a sense of open-ness and increased space.

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LOL, I saw that there and snagged it too. Great minds....

I sent a copy to dh too so he could see the wood raised part next to the flat part.

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