Babylock Serger prices

puzzlefanSeptember 5, 2005

I have been watching several sergers on EBAY but would like to know the original retail prices before making any committment. The closest Babylock dealer is about 70 miles, too far for pricing; and he won't discuss prices on the telephone. Any idea what the Eclipse, Evolve, and Imagine MSRP is?

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the evolve retails for several thousand here in alabama.

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I think this site has the prices you are looking for:


Here is a link that might be useful: Babylock prices

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Does anyone know how I can find prices on Baby Lock sergers in my area? I live near a state line--my state has no dealers within driving distance, but right across the state line are many. I'd like to get some ballpark prices before I drive all over creation, but they won't give me any prices over the phone.

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I would try the sergers out before I paid that much money for a serger or sewing machine. I would investigate all brands that appeal to me, try them out, and then decide which one I liked best and felt most comfortable using.

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Another caution: Ebay has warnings on their site that there are individuals selling sewing machines as new on Ebay that are not legitimate. These individuals will want their money through Western Union, or off the Ebay payment system, etc., and often are foreign entities. I know, because I dealt with one by email and turned one in. They have taken a lot of people.

The number one thing that is important about buying any sewing machine product (serger, etc.) is service. Consider what service is available in your city or town. If you have a company or sewing machine dealership in your area, consider that first before going elsewhere. I know someone recently that dealt long distance to get a machine, and yes it was a Baby Lock (I am a Baby Lock customer) and then she couldn't get service on it. The person who sold it to her didn't want anything to do with helping her, wanted to charge her extra. When she wanted a refund, the company wanted to charge her several hundred dollar refund fee, etc. Baby Lock does have great sergers, and their new air threading sergers that thread themselves are great. Good luck.

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Just a note on Jensen's Sew and Vac. Mary Jensen and her husband Larry are great people. I have bought two pieces of embroidery software (Origins and Masterworks)from them as well as a new 6 thread Babylock BMP6 embroidery head. They do not do business online, Babylock says no to that. They do have two stores in Illinois, not far from Chicago if you live close. I live in Michigan and am about to drive all the way out there to pick up my new sewing machine and maybe a serger from them. It is worth the drive in my opinion! If I get their 'Gold' service plan than any dealer has to service my machine under warrantee. Their prices are great and Mary is a techno-sewing wiz (and really nice to boot!).

Many Babylock dealers have up to 50% off new machines right now so buying used may cost you more than new. Keep in mind, if you buy many sewing programs online second hand you will not get company support!

Dealers in machines vary in price but keep in mind that their support, technical knowledge and assistance level may vary as well. Go in and get to know the people. Today's machines are much more technical than those from even a decade ago. Software/firmware plays a major role in many of the machines we use nowadays. With the introduction of Windows Vista you have to know if your software is compatible with your computer and if you computer has the drives to handle the flash cards, pcmcia cards or floppy disks that many older sewing machines use. If the dealer cannot demonstrate and explain how it works then I suggest you back off a bit. If they cannot teach you how to use it the machine will be of little use to you. I made the mistake when buying machines without considering the dealer twice, once with a Janome once with a Pfaff and learned the hard way. Don't make my mistake!
Good Luck

p.s. Tell Mary that 'Crazy Sew and Sew' from Michigan sent you.

Here is a link that might be useful: Jensens Sew and Vac link

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Many new Babylock machines are on sale now ...some *half off* Why buy blind on eBay? Used machines do not usually have any waranttees. Used software that come with is usually never supported when it belongs to a second owner. Newer machines are more compatible with modern computers because they have usb 1 and usb 2 ports and the ability to communicate directly to your machine or by way of a jump (flash) drives. Older machines may only use floppy drives propretary flash pc cards
Someone mentioned Jensens Vac and Sew. They cannot sell online but they are close enough to me to make the drive worth while. I am in Michigan they are in Illinois,near Chicago. I have bought two digitizing programs, Origins and Masterworks from them and paid for a new 6 thread embroidry head I am about to go pick up. It is quite a drive but I feel these people really want to help me set my stuff up right and give me the best deal they can. They are professionals all the way and Mary,being a 'Geek' like me, knows the technical end of things as well. Not to mention that she and her husband are just nice people! I am hoping to trade my Pfaff serger and Janome 10,001 embroidery machine as well. My Janome 10001 worked well for me once I found Origins software. The Pfaff sure did right by me too but it is time to move up and onward to a bit more tech savvy equipment.

Here is a link that might be useful: Mary's Jensen's Sew and Vac Mary is at the Joliet store most times but Connie her assistant can help you too!

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I had a Babylock Serger and it finally quit.....I replaced it with a Janome and I love it!
I bought it locally through my sewing instructor.

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Babylock's are wonderful - get one with the jet air threading - it will save you HOURS of frustration because of the ease in threading. I bought 2 other sergers before my Evolve and I love it. I really don't use the coverstitch very much, but I like the 2 thread capability. Buy the absolute best one that you can afford - you definitely get what you pay for. sometimes they offer free feet with the sergers - which list for $50-$75 a piece. Also, especially in December, they have great deals. Also get the gold standard warranty - free tune-ups for 10 years. Do not buy a $200 serger from anybody - you get what will seem like a toy when compared to a good brand name serger. Stick with the big 3 - Pfaff, Husqvarna Viking or Babylock. I love the Babylock again, because of the jet-air threading, no more sticking my nose in the serger to thread it, no more clipping the needle threads when a looper thread breaks, automatic tension settings, totally above what other brands offer. I didn't think I would use one very much when I bought my first one, now I use it several times a week. there are things that sergers do that a sewing machine, however nice, cannot do.

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I just bought a used Babylock "Imagine" for $1000. The machine appears to have been used very little. The back of the machine says it is a 2008. It works great. If you can, get one with the jet-air threading like mine. My previous serger consumed hours and hours of re-threading time.

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