Smelly Jelly Dilemma

BeckyJo_OHFebruary 26, 2003

I have always made my SJ's with gelatin and liquid potpourri, but I was thinking of using the crystals. I am looking for some fedback on the matter. Thanks :) Becky

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I haven't made the smelly jelly with gelatin, but I have been making it for over a year with the crystals. It's so easy, just add your fragrance and coloring to distilled water then add the crystals and wait. Using the distilled water, the jelly doesn't mold. As the water evaporates, you just add more to it and it's just like new. It's not expensive to make either. Under $5.00 to make a gallon and that makes lots of jars. The jars and lids are where the cost comes in, but I've been able to sell 8 oz. jars for $4.00 at festivals.

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Jo-I just bought the crystals and tried them out today. It was really easy. What do you use for coloring and scent? I have heard that you can use food coloring.
Thanks :) Becky

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I use fragrance oils and food coloring. I've really had lots of fun with these.

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Jo, Would you mind posting the amounts of water, crystals and fragrance for approx. 8 oz. of jelly?TIA Marcia

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The recipe I use is 2 teaspoons of crystals and 12 ounces of distilled water. This will make 2 of the 8 ounce jelly jars. As for the fragrance oil, I usually add a bunch so it will be strong (about 1 ounce) because I am not impressed by smelly jelly as far as scent throw, but I sell a lot of it. I also use food coloring for the color.

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Thanks Susan for the amounts because I make them 1/2-1 gallon at a time.
Have you tried using the jelly in a potpourri warmer? The ones like a mini crock pot.

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Yes, they are great in those electric mini pots. I really don't care for them just to sit in the bathroom in a jar or something, although that seems to be what people like to do with them. I can't really smell them, just sitting there, cold. I always use mine in my electric scent pots, and they are wonderful! (I wondered if I was the only one who did that.)

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Thank you all for your help. I did use the crystals (which I happened to find in the gardencenter at Walmart) and they worked great! I posted a picture...I hope that you can see it! :) Becky

Here is a link that might be useful: smelly jelly

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They look great, Becky! I love those jars.

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I'd love to get into making these!

Can someone tell me more about the crystals? What kind? Etc?

Also, what kind of scented oils do I use?



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I use the same fragrance oils that I use for my candles and my soaps. The crystals can be ordered (I purchased mine from but they can also be purchased in the Lawn and Garden department of stores like Wal-Mart as BeckyJo mentioned. They are water-absorbing crystals that are made to add to the soil in a flowerpot to help retain moisture and reduce the need for such frequent waterings. One popular brand name is Hydrasorb (or could be Hydrosorb). Hope this helps.

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Thank you so much, Susan for the information!

Can I use any fragrance oils?

I appreciate all the help!


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As far as I know, any fragrance oil can be used in them. I have used a wide variety of fragrances and types, and everything has done well. Be sure and used distilled water as it gives them a longer shelf life (they are not as prone to molding).

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Can somebody give my info? I heard after you make the Smelly Jellies you have to let them sit for a week untill the beads are dry and then you can fill them in organza bags. Is this true or do they have to be moist? Did anybody ever try to fill them in metal tins?

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where is the preservative???!!!! i hope you all have really great insurance for any of the purchasers who develop rashes, illnesses or worse (especially children) and you are sued. it's always best to know what you are making before you start selling it.

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Smelly Jellies are a kind of potpourri. It sits in a jar and works like an air freshener. Not sure how you're going to get a rash from it.

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You don't put Smelly Jellies on anything.
There are beads that you can buy that can be fragranced and used in organza or muslin/fabric bags. I prefer to use corncob bits for those, cuz it's a lot cheaper.

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I hope this does not post multiple times......Having problems so if it does I am so very sorry! I was just wanting to know how you keep your SJ from turning milky????

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If you use bottled or distilled water and are using food coloring or soap dye you shouldn't have any cloudiness, also, add 1 T of clear liquor - like vodka - and that will act as a preservative. Also, I add a warning label not to eat, or put down the drain, and to keep away from children and pets. Plus, directions on how to rehydrate the smelly jelly once it reverts back to crystals.

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Hi all what a neat place to happen upon!
My mom and I spend a small fortune at a flea market on this smelly jelly, and it sounds like it is not that expensive to make...We just want to learn how to make it for ourselves not to resale... wre want to save us some money! we are paying $5.00 for a 4 oz jar, and then the lamps you use to burn them in are $15.95-$18.95 but the little crock pots work really good! was wondering after you make it how long does it have to sit before you can use it? and where can we get the really good fragence oils?
Any help you can give us will be appreciated

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