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nan_arFebruary 8, 2003

I bought some more coloring at Hobby Lobby last night (all soap items 1/2 off!!)and I got the sample pack with blue red green and yellow and on the back it tells how many drops to make lime orange violet good info

But I have a need for a " soft peach" color, a pastel.

Anyone have an idea of the combinations of major colors I would use to get that color or will I have to buy a peach color?



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I know this isn't what you want to hear but Michael's sells the liquid soaps in 3 packs and there's one that is a seafoam green, lilac and a peach - the peach is a very soft peach - it's my favorite!

When I mix the colors I always end up with an orange, not peach. But I guess you could combine the colors and then add in a little more white melted base to soften the orange. That would be my guess.

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No you're right that wasn't what I wanted to hear.But it is what I figured anyway...:(
I spent WAYYYYY to much money last night even if it was 1/2 off. I just cannot justify going up there again(next city over-about 45 miles away)and then ending up spending more money because "I-want-to-save-myself-time-and-money-and-not-come-back-here-again-for-a-while....
And of course our Walmart has NOTHING for soap not even the overpriced bricks or colors or zilch!!
Oh well maybe I can just do opaque white ..and my sister will probably be happy with that. It's a gift that she doesn't know I'm doing for her and she loves me so maybe it will be ok..??

Thanks for the advice anyway Pistil I appreciate it.

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before LOTP came out with peach I made my own, by using basic red & yellow (makes orange) In VERY small quantities....with the LOTP dye bottles you can squeeze a drop right to the edge, then sort of let up on pressure just a bit so it starts to go back in the bottle. then, keeping pressure, just tap the bottle against the glass, bowl, whatever you have the melted base in. (I use a glass measuring cup) Sort of gives you 1/2 or 1/4 of a drop, depending on how good you get at it. you can tone it down by adding more clear, & if you want an opaque peach, do it in clear, make it a bit darker than needed, then add white base, to the desired shade.

Course you could probably also just use a tooth pick or something, but what's the fun in that??? (LOL!!)

I just try to limit the various number of bits & pieces sitting in front of/around me when I am making soap, so I don't accidently set something down on something or in something, whatever....anyway, as strange as it sounds this method has worked for me for the past couple of years.Hope it helps somewhat....


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I haven't tried it yet myself, but my understanding is that a small amount of paprika will give a soap a peachy color... Probably a speckly peach, but maybe less speckly if you mix it in a small amount of oil or glycerine first??

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