Garbage Disposal Jam

kimbhootDecember 6, 2006


I have this garbage disposal called "Bone Crusher" it's jammed, I can hear the humming but it won't move. I can't seem to find a slot underneath to use a hex wrench. tried from top to move it but looks like there is nothing that I can stick my broom into... a flat blade with 2 small metal pieces that spins. I dunno how it grinds the waste. but I would appreciate any help to unjam this unit.


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The tool to unjamb the unit is a hex wrench shaped like a stretched out Z. It fits in a hex shaped hole in the center of the bottom of the case. You can use a regular hex wrench/socket and a ratchet handle if you have the correct size.

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there is nothing at the center of the bottom, however there is a bolt at the bottom on the side. I kept thinking that was the hex wrench slot but none of the hex wrench fits there, finally realized that it was round at the center.

should I unscrew that? is there any other way to unjamb this guy?


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If you found a hex slot at the bottom at the center then that is what handymac was referring to. It doesn't "unscrew" anything it turns the blade with the cutters at the bottom which is what you are trying to free up. So, yes, get the appropriate size wrench and try to turn that screw.

Alternately, you can use the broom handle against one of the small pieces that spin to try to turn the "flat blade".

Hope this helps.

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This unit I have doesn't have the opening for a hex wrench. I have to do it from top. but I can't seem to move the spinning parts. I'm planning to take it out and then unjam it.

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Actually, it is probably more difficult with the unit removed because it's difficult to hold the unit while trying to free the rotating "plate" with the blades.

I assume that you tried with the broom handle in both directions.

What is the make and model number?

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the make is "BONE CRUSHER MODEL 750" I can't move the blade from top.

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A search for the "bone crusher 750" indicates that it is a "Waste King" model now manufactured by Anaheim Mfg.

the only manual I found on thier site describes using the "broom handle" technique for freeing up stuck blades (see link). I don't know what else to suggest, other than either removing it and taking it somewhere, or calling a srvice technician. Any idea what may have gotten in there?

good luck

Here is a link that might be useful: waste king disposal

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The last time I had a jam, it was because my wife washed vegetables from the garden and some grit got under the blades. It caused just enough resistance that the motor couldn't overcome it and would just make a groaning noise. When I looked down at it from the drainhole in the sink, there was a hex nut at the top of the the mechanism. I put a socket wrench on it and turned it clockwise half a turn, which caused the blades to rotate free of the grit. After removing the socket wrench, I turned the disposal on and it was fixed....

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thanks to both sdello and kudzu9. I will try both methods and will post the result soon.

Thanks again.

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If what's troubling your disposal is something like what I ran into, and you don't see a hex nut, you may also be able to rotate the blades by grabbing the shaft with a pair of pliers and turning; it might not take a lot of force to succeed. Good luck.

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he most common plumbing problem that I get calls for is often the most simple. Someone's garbage disposal has jammed up, and they don't know how to fix it. But this is extremely simple, and will save you a lot of money if you can fix it yourself.

First thing you want to notice is if you turn the switch on, if you hear any noise at all. If you hear humming, but not turning, then you need to use your little wrench to go right up under the center of the garbage disposal and turn this a few times this way to loosen up whatever has jammed the garbage disposal unit on the inside. These come with every garbage disposal unit. If you don't have one, you can pick one up at the home center and it's for a couple of bucks and it will save you a lot of money. But you want to make sure that you have the switch off when you do all this because you don't want to dislodge it and have it suddenly start turning.

So once you've done that and you've loosened up some, turn the switch. If it still doesn't work- if you don't hear any humming at all, then you probably need to hit the reset button, which on every garbage disposal is at the very center. It's a very small red button. All you need to do is press it and that will reset the unit so that it will work.

Most often what has gotten lodged in the garbage disposal is a lot of starchy material like rice- you don't want to put a whole pot of rice down the garbage disposal. Also, anything really hard like broccoli stems or celery- the strings in the celery will tie up the unit and you don't want that.

You may want to remove the color around the opening around the opening of the drain, and reach in there with the power off and have to remove some of the material because the garbage disposal is simply not equipped to handle a large amount of starchy material.

Here is a link that might be useful: Garbage disposal repair

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americanwit and all other who tried to help.. I don't have a slot where a hex wrench will go at the bottom.. I do hear the humming noise. and no matter how hard I tried the blade just won't move :(

anything else I can try? I'm considering replacing the unit.

Thanks for all the suggestions.

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Are you still wrestling with this? If you are still seized up, I'd recommend;

1) have someone else look at it that might be able to either detect why it's bound up or muscle it free. (i.e. call a service/reapir to come out and look at it).
2) Pull the unit and tlke it to a repair shop so they can diagnose the problem.
3) Replace it.

Sorry I don't see any other options.

good luck.

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I have exactly the same situation as this original posting: humming sound on, no way to turn the grinding plate from bottom hex hole (no hex opening), and the broom rod/long screw driver fails to turn the plate from top. Any new experience to resolve this problem will be greatly appreciated. I would like to give the last try before calling a plumber to replace the garbage disposal? Thanks in advance.

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hello everyone:
Not sure if this post is too old but I have the same exact problem with my garbage disposal. model: The Crusher Bone 750-1/2MP. I know there is nothing under to wrench it. in the past I had one where I was able to do that but this model CAN'T FIND THE WAY TO UN-JAMMED, yes when turned on I hear a humming sound. Any help will be much appreciated.
Thank you.

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So I just wrestled with this problem with the bone crusher 750. It was humming, clearly something jammed. It was rice, I knew it. Tried all the suggestions on here. Finally I stuffed paper towels down and pulled them back up to dry it out as much as I could, then took my shop vac with narrow attachment and stuck it down there. After sucking everything out that I could, I flipped the switch and heard a little pop like it was snapping something in two, and I was back in business.

This unit is a major pain to fix. Just wanted to share my solution for others' benefit.

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None list the mfg.of the disposal, however, there are several mfg. who have adopted "bone crusher" as a marketing device.

Only the mfg. with their models specifications in a PDF format allow the consumer to explore other methods of resolving this problem, by displaying the mechanics of the device.

Saying the name of the mfg. as a courtesy, also limits the search for those assisting in solutions.

Tell the whole story, none of us are mind readers.

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"Tell the whole story, none of us are mind readers."

Are you chiding the guy that posted almost eight years ago? 2006)

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Just those who have posted since as well as a general comment.

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Oh, the guy that posted the paper towels and vacuum SOLUTION. lol

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