sears gararge door opener won't open

myhudson48December 16, 2009

craftsman opener model #139.53962srt1 has stopped working with all wireless remotes. wall panel opener works fine. for about the past month the homelink in car and handheld remotes started not to work all the time. now nothing! have replaced batteries and reprogrammed homelink in car and still not working. also keypad outside doesn't work most of the time. seems like an antenna problem maybe? everything seems ok. wire is not blocked and hanging down from unit. HELP!

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Your receiver has quit which is part of the logic board.

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thank you. is this something i can repair or should i call a repairman or replace with new unit? today the handheld remote worked but homelink still not working. little warmer today if that makes a difference.

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Your logic board may be sensitive to the temperature. It is very easy to replace the logic board but the price is a bit high.

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