candle scraps!!

rhonniFebruary 9, 2003

Hi all! I have never posted to this forum before, but i have a question. I have a "bag" of candle scraps - candles that "melted funny", didn't burn all the way down, some i burned once or twice and they were pretty but didn't smell, etc etc etc. I was wondering if it would work to put them all in a mason jar (or 2 or 3...), put a NEW wick in the middle (i bought a package of these some time ago) stick it in the microwave,........and t-da!! a new candle! I am a crafter, but haven't dabbled in soap or candles yet - but would like to (starting with this).

p.s. Dont tell anyone on the organizing forum about my post - i vowed to throw out all those scraps while i was dejunking my craft room - ha ha ha ha ha !!!!!!!!!!!!


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Hi Rhonni! Someone just asked a similar question not too long ago--so I've linked to the thread for you. I've only played with M&P soapmaking -- no candles since I have a 2 yo and no where safe to really burn them. Good luck on remaking your candles...your secret is safe w/us :-)

Here is a link that might be useful: Remaking Candles

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I am a candle maker. I have never made one, but I know people who make chunk candles out of their scraps. They put all the chunks in a jar (with a new wick, as you said) then pour some new melted wax over them. The new wax forms the bond between the chunks.

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