Genie Model 404 GDO - little help?

JoeNMDecember 17, 2005

Folks, I've got a screw-drive garage door opener of late '70s vintage that I'm hoping I can make right. Several days ago it began to labor upon raising the door. I put some grease along the length of the screw shaft and on the door rollers (usually do this once/year anyway). A day later, it quit lifting the door at all. Springs appear fine, and I can raise and lower the door w/o too much effort. I released the catch on the trolley but even with no load, I can observe with the cover off that when activated, the shaft will turn 1.25 turns before halting and reversing for 0.75 turns, and then stop. Took the cover off but did not see anything obvious. Realizing the GDO is quite old, I picked a a new one at Sears this week since they were on sale. But it's still in the box, and I'd like to fix the old Genie if possible. I don't have the manual, and I can't see any cogs or adjusters that I could mess with. Any leads on what I might try? I'd be grateful for any assistance. Thanks,

- Joe

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Try tightening the clutch. Check the 2 limit switches at each end of the drive. It could be that you are past the switch, because the door is to high.

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Thanks for the reply, Bob, but still no luck. I tried tightening the clutch spring 3 full turns, but it made no difference. I also loosened it completely to see what would happen. The clutch (but not the shaft) spins and then reverses for the same time duration as before. This unit just has the one limit switch along the screw drive shaft just a few inches away from the motor, but it is not activated, and the trolley is down at the other end. Anything else I might try?
- Joe

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