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juttzFebruary 17, 2006

Im thinking of getting into making soy candles and I need some good places to buy the products and any info I can get...just came to this forum and think its great..Judy

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As far as I'm concerned the best soy wax on the market is Enchanted Lites.(IMHO) However, there are other soys that are workable and have good results.
I like to tell people that the best soy, is the one closest to them...LOL

Shipping is a pain in the arse, might as well catch a break...

on the bottom of the list in the link below is a great company to deal with. Beth and Doug are good people.
I've heard good reviews on Save On Scents too.

Enchanted Lites

Bitter Creek
They carry another of my favorite suppliers oils. Wick Your Wax from BC Canada. They are in Wisconsin.
Candle Cocoon
One of my favorite suppliers. They are in Wisconsin.
Great customer service and helpful folks. They are in Ohio though.

That should get you started.

Here is a link that might be useful: Michigan Craft Suppliers

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