Looking for Lavendar Oatmeal soap recipe

DewDropInFebruary 4, 2006

I am looking for a Lavendar Oatmeal soap recipe that contains olive oil and coconut oil. I found one but it makes waaaay too much. I will be making my first batch... Perhaps someone can help??

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If you run the recipe through a lye calculator, you will be able to reduce the size of the recipe to the size you want.

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Olive 35%
Palm 35%
Coconut 20%
Shea Butter 10%

A nearly 2 pound batch with a 5% super fat and full water would be:
palm 7 oz
coconut 4 oz
olive oil 7 oz
shea 2 oz
fo/eo 1.2 oz
lye 2.79oz
water 6.85oz

This makes a really nice hard bar that lathers well! Also the numbers are nice:
lodine 55
total ins 152

You can change that recipe for a more castile type bar to:
80% olive oil
20% coconut

I personally think if you sub out a little olive and add castor oil at even just 3% (I like 5% better) it will help bunches. You can buy castor at nearly any "mart".

Do you understand all about how to grind the oats and how much of them per pound and the eo/fo to use? I just kinda assume that people new to soap making have read everything top to bottom on Cindy Millers place.

Good luck!

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