Problem with white finish, particularly Bosch?

marcia59May 15, 2013

I posted this in Appliances, but I'm putting it here, too, because it's so much busier.

I have an order for a kitchen's worth of appliances with AJ Madison, but the order can be changed, which might turn out to be a good thing. I won't need most of our appliances until mid-summer, but our old MW died and AJM nicely agreed to deliver it early for no extra charge.
My white Bosch MW arrived yesterday. My husband took it out of the box and put it on the counter. I gently removed the tape holding the door closed and a line of paint came with it. This will not do. This isn't a mark ON the paint, This is paint that was removed by the tape Bosch chose.

Obviously, this will be going back. I didn't pay that kind of money for something that looks old and beat up even before I've finished unpacking it. I'm not worried about returning this. I'll dispute the charge with Amex if I have to.

Here's the question. Do you think this is a fluke? My order includes a white Bosch double oven and a white KA dishwasher. (I currently have a black KA dishwasher and a black GE oven, both pretty old, neither of which has had any problems of this sort.) I'd really prefer white to stainless. Should I be rethinking Bosch? Rethinking white? I don't want to have the oven delivered and then find out some time later that I've got the same problem. I don't want a product whose finish scratches when you look at it hard. I haven't read a single complaint about this, so maybe it is a fluke, but now I'm worried.

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I have all white appliances and just replaced by kitchen aid dishwasher last year. The kitchen aid fridge and MW were bought in the last 5 years. No problems with the finish.

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I just removed a white Bosch that still looked brand new after eight years. We don't abuse our appliances, but let's just say it was well used. I would have no qualms about buying another white Bosch, or white appliances, period. I think they are much more durable than stainless. We are just going stainless due to the cabinets (ivory) and countertop we wanted not being compatible with white. If I could have found good old biscuit appliances, that would have been my preference. I really think your DW is a fluke. Good luck.

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