Sears 1/2HP garage door opener up and down

montanajackDecember 21, 2009

My Sears model 139.53628SRT installed in 1996 is not opening all the way and when it closes it reverses and goes up about 40r 5 feet. I adjusted the up and down levels and finally resorted to moving the chain. After some adjusting it worked for one day and now does the same as described above. Not sure if I need to buy a replacement or if something inside the box is haywire

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Remove the cover and check the drive gear. It is a white nylon gear just in front of the motor. It will be obvious if it is going bad.

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Hi don 1 2006 - the white nylon gear is shredded with flakes everywhere. Is it easy to repair? Doesn't look it but could use some advice. Thanks.

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I would rate the gear replacement as a medium hard DIY project. The part number is 41A2817 and is available at Sears parts or any good door opener service company. It comes with instructions.

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