A special Thank you to Susan aka Pistil

knash6February 18, 2003

Just wanted to let everyone know what a special lady Susan is...she spent over 3 hours on the computer (instant messanger) with me on a project last night...3 hours I know she needed to do things for herself. I was in desperate need of help and she came through for me....THANK YOU SUSAN!!! (AKA Webmaster queen!)

And to keep this soap related, here's a pic of my carnation bar complete with cigar wrapper!


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WOW - I don't know what to say except you're welcome and it was no big deal! lol! I can't tell you how many times Jill and Nikki have dropped what they're doing to come to my aid so I can only help others in return, and besides, what are friends for? ;o)

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Kristi - Beautiful looking bar of soap! Your cigar band looks great. Sandra

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so is there a short version of makng a cigar band? how did you do the picture? Looks GREAT!!


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Thanks Sandra and Hazel...the cigar band I did on my computer, the photo is a cropped photo of one of my flowers. I imported it onto a horizontal flyer project in my photo program times 3, so I could get three bands per sheet. I then added the text and then printed it on pink marblized type paper. I'm just playing around with these trying to figure out what I'm doing! LOL

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For "just playing around," that looks fantastic! Please show us what you do when you're seriously working - LOL! I'll bet we'll be knocked off our feet.

As for the Webmaster Queen aka Petal Princess aka Pistil aka Susan, you're going to need more space to write your signatures than you will your messages before long. So much talent....


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