Needs Ideas for bubble bath

knash6February 6, 2003

I just got my second order from WSS and bought a gallon of bubble bath base that is the suspension type. What, if anything would you add to this base? Maybe a pearlizing colorant of some sort? Is that what the suspension is for? Please forgive my ignorance. ;)


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haven't tried any of that, but adding some pearl color would be a good place to start. I would advise pouring your bubble bath in a bowl then adding the pearl, mixing gently & pouring into a storage bottle. I addes some pearl just directly to the bottle on some lotion, & while it mixed nicely IN the bottle, where it whas initially poured in, it has stuck to the bottle (inside) & won't come off, so there is a big streak of pearl inside the bottle & it won't budge.


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