question about glycerine soap

prarie_gardenerFebruary 6, 2003

Hi everybody, I have been lurking on this board for a while now. I am fascinated by soaping and tried it for the first time a couple of weeks ago. Here's my problem.

I found a recipe for "hard milled glycerine" soap and tried it. Super easy and fun to do, smelled great and looked very cool with the botanicals I put in it. I patiently let it sit for two weeks and tried it yesterday. NO SUDS! I was so disappointed. Any advice?

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What was the recipe you used? some handmade soaps don't lather much, also somewhat depends on if you have hard or soft water etc.
Reason I asked the recipe is that you had to wait to weeks to use it. Did you make soap from scratch, or grate up already made soap, & if it was already made soap, was it handmade or store bought?
You can add some things to hand made cold process soap to help with lathering, but I don't know how much you can do with M&P base, other than trying a different base.


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The recipe I used was simple, glycerine, water, and olive oil. The directions said to wait a couple of weeks before you used it.

So, can I re-melt it and add more glycerine?

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I'm just guessing here, but since the ingredients are so simple, & there doesn't appear to be a catalyst (like lye) to cause a true saponification to occur, (which chemically changes the ingredients into something "new"), & there isn't a lathering oil, like coconut oil (I think...brain is very blonde right now....) it may be a soap that just doesn't lather much.

Again, if I'm remembering correctly (see comment above...) soap made with olive oil alone, does produce a harder soap, BUT doesn't really lather. That's why a lot of CP soaps use a combination of olive, palm & coconut oils to produce a nice bar that lathers well, & holds up well.

I don't know that adding more glycerin will do much good, not sure if curing it any longer will help or not....

I'm sure there are some folks around who have more info on this than me......

Just guessing,

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Thanks Hazel, you're a peach for helping anyway. I think I am going to remelt and tinker with the recipe. It works in the kitchen with conventional cooking, so soaping can't be that different eh? :)

I will let you know if I sink or bubble...

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