Going to try the pictures again

magimayFebruary 18, 2003

Ok everyone, I uploaded the pictures to a different place where I know they will post here. These are some of the things I have made in anticipation of my craft show in April.

Deep Blue Sea Fishie Soap:

Leapin Lilly Pad Froggie Soap:

Rub a Dub Duckie Soap:

Rose Bouquets:

Rose Hearts:

The Rose Bouquet and Rose Heart soaps were made with the silicone mold I mentioned in an earlier post. I may put some of these in my petal baskets as an added "extra."


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Hi Magi - They're really nice. I love the rose bouquet soaps, they look so realistic! And where did you find that
frog! He is so cute! Good job, Sandra

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You got aa very nice red for your roses! What did you use, if you don't mind sharing?


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They are great, Magi! Best of luck with your upcoming craft show...I would imagine that these would do really well.


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being a rose lover, I adore your rose bouquets!!! That is a must have mold for me...do you mind sharing again where you got it? Also, as Hazel said the red is fantastic!

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Thanks everyone. I got the toys from Oriental Trading Company and I got the molds from e-bay from the Mold Maker Man. They were around $25 each with shipping. Kind of pricey, but worth every penny. Very easy to use silicone molds. Hazel, believe it or not, I used red food coloring! Quite a bit of it to get the deep red.


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