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Hazel_SCFebruary 11, 2003

Since I don't do many pictures here, I thought I'd share my weekend project: test soaps.......there are about 100 bars (mini bars, about 1.75 oz each), 10 different scents. Some are tie dyed, the one in the front was SUPPOSED to be white base swirled into clear, however, it started setting up too soon, so it didn't "swirl" as nicely as I'd hoped....Oh, well......


Here is a link that might be useful:

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They look great. Gosh I just love soap. Where do you get the mini bar molds Hazel? I would love one.


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You busy little bee!!! Sleep is really over-rated, isn't it :-)

They look great--can almost smell them...yum!


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Hazel, they look fantastic! You have been busy! Yes, where did you get such a cute mold? Sandra

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It's just the standard milky way oval mold....i just fill it up ½ way instead of all the way, & thanks for the complements......

and, yes, Jill, sleep is overated...at least at night... LOL!!

Also, sorry the picure is so big...i did re size it, guess just not small enough.


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Hazel you keep going like an ever-ready battery!!
That is a great product and looks so nice.Keep hoping
to get time so I can start some of these great soaps
you girls are displaying no nicely.

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