I made cold processed soap!!!

elle110February 18, 2004

Well, I finally tried it and it worked, I was so afraid to try cold processed soap because everyone always says their first couple batches are terrible. I actually did not think mine was going to turn out ( I was expecting it to look like something else when ready to pour), but I have soap. The only thing is I think it is to strong, I used 3oz of Eucalyptus oil to 8lb so soap. STRONG. Hopefully will calm down once curing done.

I am going to continue to use the M&P Goat's Milk for some of my soaps but want cold process for my aromatherapy soaps.

Some other things I am working on getting ready for new website and big May show: New body butter and souffle, baby bottom balm and new spring fragrances such as Lemongrass Sage (love it)

Does anyone know where you can get mister bottles inexpensive? I am tired of paying 70 cents a bottle. I want to know where these wholesale sights by there's so I can cut my cost down. It is rediculous the amt I have to charge for a spray because the bottles are so high.

Anyway, someone pleassssse post some thing!!!!!!


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Good for you! I have often toyed with the idea of trying it, but like you said, everyone says their first couple of batches turned out bad, so I haven't given it a shot. I am afraid of burning my skin by improperly made soap or something. I think I will stick with M&P, but I have ordered some CP soap shreds (all natural) and I am going to use them in some hand milled soaps. That way I will have the best of both worlds (I think). As for the bottles, I belong to several yahoo coop groups and I have always gotten the best prices through coop participation. If you don't want to join a yahoo group, just peruse some newsgroups, such as The Soap Dish or bathandbeautyforum.com and you will find lots of fast buys and coops.
(still hanging out here in this basically dead group..)

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dead is an understatement......

Glad the CP worked out for you!

Lemongrass sage sounds good!


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Just wanted to add, my first batch of cold process turned out fine--except that I made rose scented soap....got it to trace, added some soap dye to it, got it a pretty pink, added the rose oil, everything was great.

Poured it in the mold, covered & wrapped for 24 hrs. let it start doing it's thing, unwrapped after about 26 hrs, took the cover off........and it was SALMON PINK not the pretty soft pink I had poured.............

THe color DID tone down somewhat as it cured, but it never did go back to the pretty rose pink I had......
after that I didn't bother with much dye, just left it natural.
Only did about 6-7 batches, because I was also doing M&P glycerin, & with both options on the craft show table, the M&P sold 10 times better than the CP. Folks liked the colors/scents better than the CP.

Now I think the CP would do better at shows, because so many people are doing their own thing with M&P at home, sales are falling off (at least locally) for the M&P. Also, locally, the lotions, milk baths etc never did well for me at shows. Does on the web site, but not at the shows.......


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It is interesting how the color changed, isn't it? I have a few CP soaps that a friend makes that I have in my shop. They are wonderful, all natural soap, but they don't sell. Everyone likes the MP soap better, and I have to admit that I do, too. I used a bar of her wonderful, herb-filled CP soap, and although it was nice, I just prefer the feel of the MP soap. The CP soap, although all natural and formulated to be gentle, felt very "rough" (for lack of a better word) than my MP soaps do. Also, the frgarance in CP soap (hers, anyway) didn't fill the bathroom like my MP soaps do. Like you, the other bath products do not sell for me. I don't even fool with them anymore. The one thing that sells like crazy and I have to really stay on top to keep it in stock, is my Whipped Shea Butter. I sell out of it every weekend. Of course, if you have ever used it, you will never use another moisturizing product again. I use unrefined shea from Africa bought through a coop, and I don't add anything at all to it- just soften it up and whip the heck out of it. Around here, there are lots of Shea products offered at stores, but they are not 100% pure Shea Butter- a big difference!

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I think the glycerin sells great at shows. I have noticed though that people who like pure essentials oils, aromatherapy etc tend to prefer the cold processed soaps. Soooo, I am going to try doing only the soaps that contain ess. oils ( Lavender, Patchouli, Peppermint, Eucalyptus etc)in CP and see how they sell. I am also considering doing a baby soap in a Castile Soap but will have to wait and see how Lavender Vanilla does in CP. In the M&P I do alot of Goat's Milk and love it.

I know what you mean about the color, I have seen some peoples soaps where you can see that could not have been the color they were looking for. I am just leaving mine natural and let the herbs etc color the soaps.

Susan, I tried handmilled soap and I did not have luck with it and did not try again after that. Let me know how yours turn out. I tried the crock pot method, mine just turned into a big CROCK!!!!

My butter sells great as well. I took your lead earlier in another thread about mold in my butter and stopped adding water etc. just whipping the butter then scenting and I am so happy now, don't have to worry about preservatives and I can package in tins which I love the look of and so do my customers. So thanks for that idea.

I will keep you posted on how future CP soaps turn out.


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