I did it!!

basilmomFebruary 25, 2003

Well I just put up my very first batch (CP)...it was easier than I thought but of course, the proof remains to be seen. It was a recipe with shortening, milk, honey and ground oatmeal. Right now, it smells like lye, so I hope that it tones down.


1. Was the lye/water supposed to turn bright yellow at first? It eventually mellowed to a light caramel.

2. I used all stainless steel bowls to mix. Will they be safe to use or are they now my designated soap bowls?

3. I used a Rubbermaid container for a mold but I forgot to grease it (not that I even know how)...will it be impossible to remove when it comes time?

4. If this batch isn't too exciting will I be able to rebatch it with some fragrance or oils?

Something funny that happened (actually more annoying) was that I started the whole process at about 11 pm. My daughter was fast asleep upstairs but I had the monitor on so I could hear her "just in case" (but she NEVER wakes at night). At the EXACT moment that I poured the lye in to the water/milk, she fell out of bed! Thank goodness my husband had fallen asleep on the couch, ya know, he was close by for moral support (hah) so I was able to wake him by hollering at him, to go help her. Poor kid was wedged between the bed and the nightstand. Anyway, had my husband not been downstairs, I would have been up a creek I think. Good thing it worked out! He's always there when I need him...even when he's totally confused and half asleep :)

So anyway all seems to be okay with at least the actual process of heating and mixing. It only took about 7 or 8 minutes to trace with that little blender that I actually have a use for now! That didn't seem so bad to me.

Time to get to bed. Maybe now I won't dream about soapmaking...he he

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Any bowls, spoons mixers etc that you have used to make the CP soap should NOT be used in any food prep/storage now. It is for soap making only.

As far as the water turningyellow/carmel color, no clue, could have been something in you water-city water, well water etc. Mine generally clouded up with air bubbles, but as it sat it would clear up, so by the time I poured it, it was clear again.

You shouldn't need to grease the mold, it should just pop out. In the wooden mold I just lined it with a plastic trash bag, & after about 24 hrs I could just lift the bag out & peel it off the chunk of soap.

I don't know about the rebatching on CP, but you can let it cure & grate it up to do french millled soap. Grate, add water/scent oil, then put into molds or pack into loofa sponges.

Let us know how it turns out.


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Congrats on your first batch of CP! I have NO idea how that process works, but admire those that try it.


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Basilmom, welcome to my addiction!! What kind of milk did you use? Milk overheats easy in CP so I always add my goatsmilk at the end after I get trace. Hope everything comes out for you. Keep us posted.

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Well, I'm not so sure it worked well or not. When I cut it last night it cut sort of like brownies...crumbly on the edges. And today there is a greasy feel to it and a couple spots where the oats clustered together. Hmmm. Otherwise it *smells* good :)

Whether it worked or not I'm anxious to try it again! I found 2 more simple recipes, AND I bought an EO (balsam peru, which semed to be the least expensive one at the health food store), and I ordered some coconut oil!
Tonight, I'm making an olive oil batch and I'll use the EO in it.

Jill, I'll have to say that I'd never try CP with a 2 year old in the house. It doesn't seem like you can stop and start the process or be interrupted. I was concentrating so hard, I felt like I was dismanteling a bomb or something! Thats hard to do with a toddler...LOL

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Congratulations on your success! Maybe one day I'll get up the nerve to try it myself. For now, I'll stick with M&P - tried and true success for me.


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Good for you, basilmom. Right now I am happy with M&P, embedding my little toys & making pretty bars! I can certainly appreciate what you do, though. Congratulations!

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