Rose petals soap & mold

Hazel_SCFebruary 15, 2003

Well, I played with the mold a bit. It's a nice mold, worked better than I thought it would. however it DOES NOT make the THIN petals that we saw in the picture posted from that web page-the ones where you use them as single use soaps or added to the bath water.......they are definitly more like guest soaps. The tiny ones may be single use, but the bigger ones are NOT.

It took about 20 minutes or so to make all the petals in the picture, about 10ish minutes per batch, from melt to release. Took about an 1½ oz. of soap/batch

There is one I stuck up in the mold so you can sort of see how thick they are. (That is the thickest end of the petal.)

They will probably make great gifts, nice for wedding showers, etc. Wish I would have had the mold in time to do some to put in the shop I have stuff in.....probably would have sold great for V-day....

Sorry picture quality isn't great, just snapped a quick pic.


Here is a link that might be useful:

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Hazel--those look REALLY cool! Mother's Day is coming...they'd probably sell well for that holiday too.


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Hazel, they're really pretty. Jill's right, they probably would sell great for Mother's Day. Sandra

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Thanks for the complements....they probably will do well for mothers day.

Back to cleaning...........


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Very nice Hazel. Easier than dipping the silk petals I would guess. I love that color. I tried to mix red and blue to make purple and it was a disaster. I guess I'll have to buy some colorant that is already purple. Where do you get yours from?


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They are very pretty, Hazel, but I agree with you that the picture (or our conception of the picture) was misleading. They did make very nice petals, but don't seem to be nearly as impressive (in shape, size, and intricacy) as the photo posted by the seller. However, they are beautiful and I think they will sell well.

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I get my soap dyes at Micheals, they are Life of the party brand. I mix red & blue to get purple, starting with red, & adding blue about ½ a drop at a time. Can get a nice deep purple in clear, best I have come up with in the white base is a deep lavender blue, NOT a true purple.


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Where are those rose petal soap molds sold??

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I got mine from a lady who sells them on ebay. I didn't buy it from an auction I went to her web site & bought it. THey were being bid up too high on ebay.
Can't remember her name or the web site. You might want to check on ebay & do a search for soap mold, rose petals etc.
Sorry I can't be more help......


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