question help! asap

Kathy_in_DelawareFebruary 6, 2003

I havent posted here in a long long time, but I know I can call on my fellow soap makes in time of need :)

I just got my first order for loofah soaps. I have no idea what to begin my price at. I calculated 10.00 in suppiles and can make about9 bars from that. I know this woman from shows and she has bought my stuff before to resell in baskets she makes. I want to be as fair as can be, but I dont want to shoot myself in the foot.

HELP!!! :(

Thanks in advance


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How big are they? Scented or unscented? Does the 10.00 for supplies include any packaging/tags/wrapping, or is that just soap base etc.?
Just guessing, but I would say no less than 2.50 each, preferably 3.00, since your cost to make is about 1.00 each.

Just my opinion....


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