help i want a recipe for the best non sticking soap

felicitafatakiJanuary 5, 2006

hi i am new at this a girl from new york, now living in west virginia ( way up in the mountains) everyone here quilts, make candles tec, and i want to make soap :) , wanting to learn how to make beautifully smellling colored soaps like orange for mango etc:) i need help, i dont know all the lingo, but id like the easiest for an amateur and the cheapest , but come out with a good smelling and productive soap:) am i asking too much:) any recipes would be appreciated tips, emails me at if youd like, but please share your expertise , im an eager student willing to learn, wanting to make a thing fo beauty and use:) HELP:):) BLESSINGS TO ALL!!!!!! any and all advice recipes links would be sooooo appreciated

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Well, I'm not sure if I understand what you are asking. I make CP (cold process) soap and melt and pour soap. I have never had soap "stick" to the molds, if that is what you are referring to. What type of soap are you interested in making? If you are just wanting to learn, I would suggest you begin with melt and pour soap, using a top-quality base like SFIC. Making good soap takes a lot of practise and trial and error. Start simple, as with any hobby, and work your way up into better recipes, etc.

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I don't make soap..but hang out with soapers...
and if you want simple, easy and smell good soap..
Start with Melt and Pour using the SFIC bases.
Do a google with Melt and Pour SFIC bases....
You will get alot of sites that sell it and tell you how to use it.
Now cooking your own soap as in Cold Process...takes alot more care...But it's another process you should investigate to see if you wanna go that route.

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There are a ton of recipe forums on the of my favorites is I started with Crock Pot Hot Process and love it, I also love whipped soap (its cool and it FLOATS). I started cheap with stuff I could find around town, like lard or shortening, and coconut oil makes great soap, but you can't use too much or its super drying. you can e-mail me or IM me anytime if you have questions. I'm younggrasshper on yahoo, for e-mail and instant messenger!

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