Best storage ideas!

lavender_lassJanuary 22, 2011

Well, I thought if I'm going to get such great ideas on built-ins...what are your favorite storage solutions?

Best place to store the iron and ironing board? What about the broom and vacuum cleaner? Where do you keep all your sewing/craft items, paper products, laundry supplies? What about books, games, toys, etc?

I'd appreciate any suggestions, ideas, pictures, links, etc. of really neat storage ideas that work for you...or maybe something you've seen and would like to try.

Thank you for your input! :)

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I think I have showed this one before. Sure has been wonderful for easy to access storage and it holds a lot of stuff. This is before we had moved in. When they built the house I had them leave off the wall over the closet door area. I hung a curtain there and since I use this space as my studio storage area I am not hanging clothes in this closet. BUT if I were I would just hang long curtains from ceiling to floor. Would be rather dramatic. TOTALLY suggest any one building with vaulted ceilings to consider this space for storage and not box it in.

There are shelves I built in behind the side curtains.

Here is a link that might be useful: Closet storage

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We use a lot of plastic totes. I have all of my seasonal clothes in totes on the shelf in our closet- space that used to be a catch-all for excess stuff. The lids keep everything from getting dusty. Likewise, my wife's craft and sewing stuff is in totes under the bed.

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shades - my closets have very high ceilings (cathedral) and that area isn't open to the rooms. I do plan tho to put a shallower shelf up there - about 2' above the regular closet shelf where I can use it as storage for something. plan to do the same in my pantry and use it for very seldom used kitchen items (for me that'll probably be things like the cookie cutters -lol!) and paper storage (tp, paper towels).
no sense in letting that space go to waste being empty - I'll be heating/cooling it...

I also plan to buy up some of those pkg'd meals that will last 20 yrs or so - in case of an emergency and stash up on the pantry shelf. They'll last longer than i think I will - but if needed w/in that time span, I'll have them.

I also have a big utility cabinet (those particle board ones you can buy at HD/Kmart etc in white or woodtone for under 100.00) that i'll put in my craft/store room. It's for things like gift wrapping supplies, computer manuals, paper, parts, gifts bought in advance (so i can find them when the time comes) and my box of cards (for most every occasion), etc.

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Well, for many years now I've had 5 72" tall x 30" wide open back bookcases that I use for a LOT of things. I consider them MODULAR and they are always able to adapt to a new house since I've used them everywhere beginning at MoccasinLanding many years back. The sides are open as well, just unfinished para wood, looks like something basic and very Shaker or prairie style.

The shelves are adjustable, also removable. When I rented a friend's house for a year, I had them in the living room and they worked perfectly even located in front of the A/C return air vent. All I had to do was leave the section in front of that space open, nothing covered it, and then it allowed me to place my long Drexel tuxedo sofa in front of that with a gap behind it so I could walk there to find my books. When Hurricane Katrina destroyed most all of my stuff, including books and videos and the upholstered furniture in our house, I was able to salvage those book cases.....a little warped and beat up, but still useful.

Right now, they are still unfinished (too much else that needs attention), but they are now in my stucco cottage living room, behind the daybed-style sofa, again holding books. And paintings that I don't want to hang on the walls. And with decorative boxes keeping things like the dog grooming supplies accessible. Across the top of the shelving units, I have various baskets, plates on display, and totally like what they let me do. The ugly stuff is on the lower shelves not visible from the room, but I can move out the sofa to access them when occasionally needed.

My next plan for these is to move them into the front bedroom, which will become our study. One of the shelves will be the spot for our smaller flat screen HDTV when we sell the cape house up north.

So in my book open back adjustable shelving units have really paid off. I bought them at an unfinished furniture store. One of my favorite places to shop now that they are once again open. Total WOOD, some plywood, but not MDF.

I expect the Teahouse will help a lot with storage, at least getting some stuff OUT OF THE HOUSE. I'm too old to be hauling boxes up to the attic and enduring summer heat to look for stuff. Besides, all that heat ruins a lot of things. The Teahouse loft will be open and the whole building air conditioned. Just not kept COLD in summer. But my books and other paper items will stay out of a humid environment.

I am still biding my time to install the two tall pantry units and the windowseat in the dining room. It will happen, just waiting for the proper time. I have pared down my fabric stash, which I hope to store in one of the tall pantry units. I'm also encouraging the DH to reduce his documents to fit the windowseat space, BEFORE he moves them all down here. I may have room for my Viking Designer I sewing machine to be stored in that pantry, but if not it will stay in the future study--those electronic gadgets do NOT like humidity, you know. I might have to sew in the study, but will decide that later.

I'm not planning to keep a lot of clothing except as cleaning rags for paint jobs, or maybe some woolens salted with mothballs so I can go north to visit sometime. My DH
teases me about my "NANOOK OF THE NORTH COAT" which is a long down thingy with a hood, which I dearly LOVE. I plan to keep that jewel for many years.

About pots and pans, I do dearly love a hanging potrack. I also like the roll out wire shelving by REV-A-SHELF. I also love the wall bars sold by IKEA where you can hang pots from hooks, or lids wedged behind them, or even your kitchen utinsels behind the stovetop for easy access. I'm really a fan of handy dandy kitchen display, but for the less attractive or bigger objects, some sort of high up shelving around the room, like at soffit level, would be a nice place to keep things. Kitchens are always needing to have atomized/humidified grease washed off things stored on open shelving. But I always grab something that looks needy when I have less than a full DWasher. Maybe when we get out of the construction phase around here, I won't have as much dust or grease to deal with. I know my DH cooks on HIGH all the time when indoors, so I've sort of assigned him to the outdoor grilling, to keep down the cleaning chores inside.

Well, that's it for the time being. Good subject.

BTW, LavenderLass, this last photo is of the riverhouse kitchen. I built that storage thingy around the stove. And that shallow alcove is the old-time ironing board closet, with the door removed at that time. If you want a vintage look for the ironing board, I think that is great. Just make sure you locate it in a spot where you will be on the side of the board you likke to use. I do a lot of things righthanded, but I iron LEFT handed, so consider that factor. Presently I do not own a fullsize ironing board. I like the "wrinkled look" and am waiting for that to come back in style. :)

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Here's what works in my house:

1. Kitchen dry goods (sugar, flour, etc)...I invested in the LockNLock storage containers. The key for me is they are square/rectangle-shaped and I am able to stack & arrange side-by-side without losing extra space with round containers. Not every container matches the other, but most of them are uniform so they relate to each other. The other bonus is they are see-thru, so I can decant the items and see for real how much I have left...add to my shopping list without digging thru cabinets and checking everything. Less loss & duplicate purchases.

They are plastic, so (for me) they're not for pretty display. I have a cabinet dedicated for these items...but I can definitely store more things in that cabinet in an orderly fashion than I could without.

2. I made sure the coffee table I bought had storage. It's got 2 drawers and a space underneath to put stuff. I don't officially call it a storage solution, but the extra spaces help keep my miscellaneous living room objects (remotes, paper/pen, hand lotion, etc) corralled and put away.

Any new furniture I buy (looking for new bedroom soon) will have drawers & spaces for storage.

3. I was always against the big kitchen crock next to the stove for cooking utensils...but about 6 months ago I changed my mind and did it. Just allowed myself to explore something different. OMG! I freed up an entire kitchen drawer (the big one!). The one thing that made me like the crock concept is that I have only purchased kitchen tools in stainless steel and wood over the years...stroke of luck...not planned. Rubber scrapers are all white. They look cohesive and nice in the crock and go with my kitchen. If I'd had a mish-mash of colored kitchen tools, I think (in hindsight) I would have trashed the crock idea and kept everything hidden without understanding why.

Just a couple off the top of my head. I believe I have more. Need to think. Gotta get ready for work.

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I'm dying to try what I consider the very best storage idea in the kitchen. It was I think Prairiegirl who introduced me to it.

She has the roll out drawers placed very close together in a tall pantry, and she stores her canned goods on their sides. NOT standing up, but on their sides. Pull out the drawer and you see the labels. I think she and her DH installed the Blum hardware and IKEA drawerfronts and such in their newly redone kitchen.

Anyway, that is my dream storage solution for my kitchen pantry. A second such tall cabinet will be a combination drawer and shelving unit that can keep my extra blankets and large amounts of yardage and sewing equipment. Both units will be in the dining room, flanking the windowseat which will also store DH's files. It may be called a dining room, but that doesn't keep me from storing miscellaneous goods there.

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Oh I love this thread. So many ideas!!! Looking at the picture of the pot rack makes me realize I need one for my kitchen. I'm not sure we have anywhere to hang it though.

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Nydia, a dear friend had the tiniest kitchen ever, and she was also the person who taught me to cook. I always called her the Happy Gourmet.

She had a hook (one hook) screwed into the ceiling (into a rafter I'm sure), and then she had a chain suspended over an open corner of her U-shaped counter top, out of the way. She had several S-hooks inserted in the links, and from those S-hooks she suspended the favorite pots/pans she used regularly. A good stout screw-in hook can support a lot of weight. It can also look pretty good.

You do not have to devote a lot of ceiling space to a pot rack. And you might even have room over your stove for a wall-mounted bar that can display the pans flat against the wall.

I recommend that you look at IKEA's kitchen ideas online. They sell all sorts of space-saving storage ideas. And also, look at the online site for Julia Child's kitchen. It is now in the Smithsonian, and when I saw it at the end of the movie JULIE AND JULIA, I was in AWE, let me tell you. Just think of all the fantastic dishes cooked up in that kitchen!!! A real chef's kitchen.

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Our house has quite a lot of storage space in itself, so the problem wasn't a lack of space for our stuff, but specific storage needs for an office, and a completely remodeled and reorganized kitchen. Here are how we utilize space in these two rooms.

In the kitchen, I am all about storage, since we seriously lacked it before the remodel. We have a window seat/bench in our dining area, which comprises 3- 36" wide IKEA fridge cabinets, which I made into drawers. One of the drawers is the "Costco/Snack" drawer and has nothing in front of it to block it, since it is accessed daily. The two other drawers have large roasters, extra oven racks, vases, seasonal plastic ware, serving trays, coffee carafes, table linens, and other seasonal items. Since we went with custom doors for the IKEA cabs, we were able to make each bench "section" with 15" high drawers. They can store A LOT!

We also cut down a couple of shallow 80" high pantries to 7" deep to make a storage/broom closet for our stairwell landing. It houses our cleaning supplies, garbage bags, and all sorts of odds and ends. We just finished it with crown and glass knobs, so it looks like the rest of the cabs in our kitchen.

As I already said, we have IKEA cabinets, so all our base cabinets have drawers or pullouts, save one, so we have lots of storage throughout the kitchen and dining room.

In our office, which used to be our boys' bedroom, we added two desks on opposite walls and cabinets above them for our "stuff". My cabinets have craft and sewing supplies, photos, extra office and school supplies, and odds and ends. DH's cabinets hold mostly books, and various files and paperwork.

In the closet, we removed the clothes rod and added shelves, and it is now our utility closet. We keep the jumbo packs of toilet paper and papertowels, napkins, extra storage bags, extra rolls of plastic wrap, foil, etc., bathroom cleaning supplies and extra rags. Also there are different vacuums housed there, and some other appliances and equipment that I can't think of off hand.

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Oooooh, Shelayne, I have serious IKEA envy. I've yearned to use IKEA products, especially the tall pantry stuff, on either side of a window seat in the dining room. And I was reading today that the proper height of a window seat is 15" and then room for a 3" thick cushion to make it the right height for sitting.

Would it be asking too much of you to please please post pictures of your setup? Or give links to albums featuring your installations?

Do you know about the website IKEA Fans? It has a place to post your "hacks" of IKEA products, such as what you did with the 7" deep modification to the tall pantry.

I keep trying to get IKEA products into my home, but it is hard with the nearest store being 400 miles away and the things I want not sold online.

Love to have your input.

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LL, you asked about the two things that I have always thought were the hardest things to store in a small house - the ironing board and the vacuum cleaner. My ironing board lives behind my bedroom door, which is always open. I don't really like it there because I have to move it when I vacuum, but there isn't room anywhere else.

The vacuum cleaner has, or will have, a new home in the laundry cabinet we are currently building. I'm thrilled because I really didn't like having it in my coat closet.

I keep the broom, mop and dust mop in the water heater closet since they don't take up much room. The next time we have to replace the water heater, I'd like to consider a tankless. If we do that, I'll have room to put the ironing board in there too.

Right now, the laundry detergent is sitting on top of the dryer because it's too heavy for me to lift to the shelf above the washer/dryer. But dh is going to build shelves above the vacuum cleaner slot so I don't have to lift it so high.

I keep most of my sewing/craft stuff in plastic totes right now, but my long-term goal is not to keep a fabric stash so I can keep everything in my sewing cabinet. The bigger, messier craft items and tools are on a rolling cart in the garage.

I've been culling my books too, but they are a problem. I have a couple of barrister bookcases, but the bigger books and albums won't fit. Those are on a shelf in the closet for now or stacked in the corner. Someday I would like to have a built in cabinet in the den across the whole wall for tv, all the assorted stuff that goes with tv, and have bookshelves too.

Games are in an antique trunk that doubles as end table. We don't have a lot of games now that the kids are gone, but we still have enough to fill the trunk.

Chris, that is a great system in your closet. It helps a lot that you can get to it easily. We have double decked the shelves in our closets, but the upper shelf is hard to get to and hard to see what's up there since our closets are enclosed above the door.

I want something like this for my shoes, but I want it to fit the space on my closet shelf exactly so I'll try to build it.

I did one thing I did in our tiny bedroom closets; I put one of those cheapie bookshelves from the dollar store on one end. Several years ago I found some that were the exact width to fit in the kid's closets and they put their shoes and toys on the shelves. Since their bedrooms were barely big enough for a twin bed and dresser, it was a great place to put stuff and get it off the floor. Now I use them to put Christmas gifts on that I buy or make for next year, and stuff that I need to take to the kids or give them on their next trip home.

ML, I adore those wire shelves. I have some similar to those that I installed on the lower shelf of my bottom cabinets. I hate trying to get anything out of that dark, scary place. lol I keep saying I'm going to paint the inside of the lower cabinets white so I can see what's back there, but the thought of painting in there is worse than the darkness. Tuesday Morning has those on sale right now too.

Like Gayle, all the furniture I buy from now on will have storage in it. Gayle, how do you keep the utensils clean in the crock? I like the idea of having them close at hand, but I have a hard enough time keeping the backsplash clean.

I have a trundle bed in one of the guest rooms, and keep my linens on the bottom bed. They're folded and spread out evenly on top of the mattress, and then an old fitted sheet put over all of it to keep the dust off. I keep all my quilts on the spare beds too. It's better for them than folding and doesn't take up shelf space.

I haven't had a china cabinet in 25 years and hope I have room for one in my dining addition. I don't think there will be room though. Right now my china is in one of those bottom kitchen cabinets and it is a royal pain to get out. I also have no where to put platters.

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Hi Moccasinlanding!

I am sorry you don't have an IKEA close to you--that would certainly be easier to get your ideas into action, wouldn't it? While we have been working on this kitchen, I could not even tell you how many times I ran down to IKEA. Many times it's because I decided to make little tweaks to our plan, much to hubby's "delight". (yes, that is sarcasm.) I remember "talking" to you before about your high cabinets flanking a bench seat, because that was exactly my original plan for our dining area, but that was another idea I "tweaked". I think it is such a great design for lots of storage and will look so charming!

I don't have the pictures on this laptop, but I will post a couple photos from my YET UNFINISHED (yes, I shouted that) kitchen when I get to my computer that has the photos. I actually FINALLY got the cushion done for the bench/banquette thingy last week, so there is one thing off the punch list. My seat is probably 17 inches high, as it is sitting on a frame and has bun feet, and my cushion is about 3-4 inches, but it compresses a little when we sit on it. My kids have been lounging on it since we put it in--at least they are reading! ;^) It is a little higher than our chairs because of the thicker cushion, but I think it is fine for us. We also cut the depth of the cabinets from the 24" to 21.5"(?), so the bench would be set into the cabinet that is butted next to it, which happens to be our coffee/microwave station.

I actually have a blog on Ikeafans under the same name about my kitchen reno. I have been verrrrrry lax about writing lately. I think the last time I wrote was maybe in the fall. I should probably update it. LOL.

I will post pix of the dining area and the broom/supplies cabinet in the AM, so you can actually see what I have been *trying* to explain. :^D

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Well, here are the photos I promised to post this morning.

This is our windowseat/bench/banquette--I feel funny calling it a windowseat because there is only one window--LOL.

It is 111" long. It has IKEA Lagan Beech butcherblock (the thinner BB, finished with Waterlox on top of the cabinets, and then the cushions on top of that. With just the BB, the seat is probably perfect height. But I wanted the pretty cushion. ;^)

This is our storage cabinet on the stairwell. The floor and stairs aren't finished, yet. This will be one of the last things we do as part of the kitchen reno.



I can't find the photos of my open drawers, but when I get back later I will show you my Costco/Snack drawer so you can see how much I can fit in there. It is almost embarrassing! LOL.

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Since I have never been close to an IKEA it like a Home Depot or Lowes? Wish we had one some place in our area. Sounds like so many love these stores.

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>is it like a Home Depot or Lowes?

Hi, phoggie. Not really. It's a giant, giant, giant warehouse full of flat pack furniture and home accessories, which vary wildly in quality. Their kitchens are superb and some of their other stuff is horrific junk. It's partly the thrill of the hunt (and the swedish meatballs in the restaurant). :-)

Shelayne, I should have known I'd love your dining table, too. Hurry up and finish so we can see the whole place!

Phoggie, ikea is the only department store I know that people write songs about:

Here is a link that might be useful: The Ikea Song

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Love the IKEA song! LOL!

"Everyone has a home
If you don't have a home,
You can buy one therrrrrre!"

Too funny!

Writersblock, I am TRYING, believe me. ;^)

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shelayne, I love your banquette benches. They're Ikea?

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Hi marti8a,

Thank you!

Yes, those are 3- 36"W x 15"H X 24"D over-the-fridge cabs that we made into a banquette. We built a platform for them to sit on and ganged them together for more strength and stability. I purchased 3 36" deep drawer kits separately. Our kitchen is IKEA with custom door and drawer fronts, so it was no problem having drawer fronts made for those large drawers. They are all 35 13/16" wide by 15" High. Like I said BIG. The fabric is even the IKEA Hovby black and white slipcover fabric. I have LOVED that print since I first saw it and HAD to have it.

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"Gayle, how do you keep the utensils clean in the crock? I like the idea of having them close at hand, but I have a hard enough time keeping the backsplash clean."

Hey Marti...LOL! you mean cooking splatters on the crock?

I don't have that problem, but I actually know why:
1. I cook a lot, but rarely cook meat. Frying is a splattering mess. I don't do that.

2. Years ago I watched Emeril Live every day and the #1 tip was to keep the heat down. He said people are notorious for cranking the heat and losing control of how the item cooks. Lower is better. I got into the habit of that. I immediately noticed less splatters by keeping the heat down.

Not sure it that helps, but it's what I have to offer!

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I have another one. This one has been HUGE for me:

I seriously reassessed my needs for a "home office". My little house has a small "3rd bedroom" which is about 10'x8'. It was the computer room/office by default. Desk, file cabs, supplies to fill the desk, junk storage room.

Desktop died. New computer is a laptop. Laptop takes up no space. I can take the laptop anywhere I want and not be a slave to the room/desk.

I never went into the home office anymore, but I had to keep the office because????why???? Because everyone else in the free world has a home office and I'm supposed to have one too.

Truth be told, I ONLY went in there to use the desktop computer and file my necessary papers. I pay all my bills at the kitchen counter at my little pencil can/calculator/stamp station. Always have.

Bolt of lightning hit me...I HAVE A SMALL 1,000 SF HOUSE AND I DEVOTED AN ENTIRE ROOM TO A DUMB DESKTOP? I junked up an entire room with office supplies I never used...because I thought I NEED a home office?

I did a bold thing. I took all the office supplies to the office I go to 5 days of the week. Took the computer desk & chair, and everything else to the CURB and didn't think twice. It was liberating.

I made that room a Library. I've always had a dream of a library in my own house. I have a lot of books. Cleared up the books scattered in other nooks and rooms, and put them all in there. Floor to ceiling shelving. Loveseat. Lighting. It's fabulous. I GO IN THERE NOW, and love every minute of it.

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Gayle your banquet is gorgeous!!!

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I don't deep fry, but there are still things that splatter. Maybe I'm just a messy person. Tonight, I was opening a Dr. Pepper for dh and the thing spewed 3 feet in all directions. I've been known to splatter ketchup just by popping the top open. I saute onions, sear meat before baking it, etc. I don't even have anything on the counter across from the stove because I'm such a mess.

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Gayle, yes, high heat cooking is why I dread it when my DH volunteers to cook. I know I'll be taking every one of the pots/pans off the pot rack and the utinsel bar to rewash.

And Shelayne, the tall IKEA cabinet is exactly the same door design that I want for my two pantries. I love your banquette or window seat. I did not think about a butcherblock top for it, did not think that IKEA had what I needed, but they must have EVERYTHING. I would also want a 4" thick cushion because foam does compact. You did a great job sewing that cover, and I like the fabric patterns you selected. .......Please be sure to update your photos and let us have a look. I have a hard time navigating at IKEAFans, so a link here would be most appreciated. I put your IKEA product list post above in my Clippings file so I won't lose them. Just in case.

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Gayle I missed the office removal part of your post. Sorry.

I totally agree on ditching the office. I used to work from home and did need a working desk space. Even after the desk top died I needed working space for the cemetery maps and all the paper work that went with being a cemetery sexton. BUT after that job went off to some one else, my choice, I no longer have an official office any longer.

I even worked on my city job from home yesterday and needed lots of table space and opened up my folding table to do it on. I brought my little printer to the table and I was set for the afternoon. When all was done table went back to it's slot in my sewing room.

I understand when some one needs to work from home there is a need for an official office. For us, getting lap tops changed the way our small houses worked for us in a very good way.

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Wow! So many wonderful ideas :)

Gayle- Beautiful banquette and I love your story about the office turned library! Sounds like a much better use of space.

ML- Great comment about the wrinkled clothes! I think many of us are waiting for that look to come back in style (LOL)

I've decided to put a narrow, tall cabinet, next to the freezer (in my farmhouse plan) so I think that will work well for the ironing board. I like to sew, which is why I need a full sized ironing board.

Thanks again for the wonderful and very creative ideas!

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Was thinking about ironing board behind door. Mine is the same in my sewing room. Why couldn't a person create a small shelf to set the bottom of the board on and a bungie or?? to hold it up against the wall out of the way of vacuum. I think I might work on some thing for this. They make door hangers for ironing boards. I do not really want to hang that much weight on my door. Maybe they make a hanger for the wall.

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Shelayne has the banquette, not me.

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ML~~Thanks for the kind words, though I have to confess--I didn't do any sewing for the cushions (there are two 55" long) because I didn't end up having to!

I had been trying for a very long time to find a way to get the IKEA Hovby print for my cushions. I had pretty much given up. I bought the lumbar support pillows in that pattern while I was at IKEA, but they do not sell that fabric in their textiles section. I had planned on doing a black and white check of some sort and just using the pillows for accents.

When I ran down to IKEA for a few odds and ends--I think it was in August, I ventured over to the AS-IS department, as I always do. There was a large metal bin filled with packaged slipcovers in various patterns for their
"Ektorp" chaise. Apparently, it was to be discontued, and they were deeply discounting the slipcovers for it. My beloved Hovby black and white was in there! Better yet, it was marked way down to $9.99! It was a godsend to me! I bought ALL four of them that were left. I have a friend who is a seamstress, and I was planning on hiring her to sew the cushion covers for me. I would make it this slipcover work somehow. Perhaps the seat cushion could be altered? She advised me to go ahead and get the cushioning I needed for the banquette, and she would see if she could put together a workable slipcover with all the slipcovers I had purchased.

I ordered the filler cushions online to my size specs: 55"X22.5"X4" and had them wrapped in dacron. When the cushions came last week, I was just going to slide the cushions in the slip cover part that was the chaise cushion to see how I would have to have them altered, and they actually fit perfectly when I just folded the backside (where the zipper is) under. I was so happy! They were the perfect length and thickness, all I had to do was fold the excess. I can fold! Voila! Instant no-sew banquette cover!

This is the now discontinued chaise and slipcover I am talking about:

Closer look at the pattern:

It's funny how these things work out sometimes! :^D

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Wow! That really is a stroke of luck. I copied your photo to my inspiration album in case I have room for a banquette someday.

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oops sorry Gayle for the name mix up. Still a lovely banquet and I am so in love with that fabric. Lucky all fit with just a fold. Woo hoo Was meant to be!!

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Here are the photos of my open drawers I said I would post. Since this thread is about storage, here is how I store a bunch of stuff right in my dining area.

With banquette drawers open"

The above is with all three drawers open. The black box in the bottom of the photo is a fabric box that is 22.5" wide, 17" deep and 12" high--it contains table linens, platters, vases, coffee carafes, candles, and spare IKEA drawer parts. That white thing in the middle drawer is a rather sizable bread machine--just to give you an idea of how wonderful these are for storage.

This is a close-up of the drawer that is opened every day--sometimes many times. Those are big Costco packs--that's why I usually call it the Costco drawer LOL.

I also have a pantry drawer in my peninsula for dry stores. These IKEA drawers hold a lot of stuff. I am very impressed with the whole system.

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Wow, they really do hold a lot. I love that they open all the way too.

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Shades, I was trying to find just what you described above, and thought I found it at IKEA. (Those folks are amazing.)
It was a base cabinet that had the ironing board in a drawer, the board folded up somehow, and then pulled out at just the right height. However, I had no luck in finding it to order.

Real bummer. So I'm still wearing wrinkled clothes. Waiting for the look to come back in style. :)

I know there is the stud space ironing board kit, which has a door to hide the built in ironing board, and a shelf and a wall plug for the iron itself, but that would not fit in my house, sad to say, because it would lend a little bit of the "old house" mystique to the place.

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Check out this idea for an ironing board. I just watched the video, and it looks really cool. It would be really nice for small spaces because it can move 180 degrees.

Here is a link that might be useful: fold away ironing board

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WOW that is a neat ironing board.Thanks for that link bookmarked it.

Also love those wonderful drawers . They really are large.Great storage space.

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marti8a, that's one reason why ikea kitchens are so popular--all their drawers are full extension like that.

Shelayne, that's a super cool ironing board, but it sure is ugly when it's folded up. I wonder if you could put a box around it without interfering with it. It looks like that might affect the side to side swing.

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