Triclosan beads?

tanner2135January 31, 2003

Ok, I know this is a little anal retentive, but did anyone ever get liquid soap from Bath and Bodyworks? It comes in a hand pump bottle and in alot of great scents.

It's got little Triclosan beads suspended throughout the soap that is supposed to be antibacterial, which I don't care about, but it makes the soap look kinda cool. The beads dissolve away and I was wondering if anyone knew where to get some, if it's proprietary and if there's an equivalent?

It's just fun and I thought I'd try to replicate it.



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No idea, huh? Ah well, thought I'd try...must be a Bath and Bodyworks exclusive.


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Andrea--I did a search for you yesterday, but didn't come up with anything either, and I know you're pretty net savvy - so I figured you did too.


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Hi, I'm not a soap or candle maker, but I lurk here sometimes, you are all so creative!
I saw your question and went on a mission to find an answer! I always have 3 or 4 bottles of that BBW soap on hand, and love the stuff :) I may be wrong, but from what I can find, the Triclosan isn't the beads, it's an antibacterial agent. The beads are either polymer beads or polyethylene beads. I checked the label on one of the bottles of BBW soap, and they list polyethylene as an ingredient.
Now, I can't find much on polyethylene or polymer beads other than they're used in soaps (duh), and there's special suspension bases that are used to keep the beads floating rather than sinking.
I did however find Jojoba spheresthat are also used as an exfolient. They also come in differnt colors and can be used in scrubs, soaps, gels, etc.
Hopefully this helps :)

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Nikki!!!! How are you??!!!! Thanks for the heads up on the spheres - they sound very interesting - I'm going to have to try them!!! And yes, this helps alot! But I already know what a huge helper you are!!! ;o)

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OMG! Nikki, YOU ROCK! That's *exactly* what I was looking for! I don't know why I thought those beads were made of triclosan...I think I read the label, saw the pellets through the clear bottle and just free associated the rest. Duh! and in my searches, I *knew* they were antibacterial, I just thought they were antibacterial spheres. Talk about one track mind!

This is so excellent...THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!! =)

ps. Did I say thank you? Totally made my day...THANK YOU AGAIN!!!

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And thanks for looking, Jill! I am net savvy but sometimes I just brain fart and look half heartedly.

This is such a great board! =)

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Your welcome :) It was intersting looking it up. I think there's little ground loofah bits in there too, there's something else in there that's scrubby.
I'd like to know where you get those moisture beads. You know what I mean? They're like teeny tiny little pearls, with oil inside. They burst open when they get wet. They have them in some soaps, and henna shampoo. That would be neat!

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Oops, forgot...HI SUE!!!

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Hi Andrea - I have come across a site called (sorry, I don't know how to post a direct link) They sell irridescent bubble type beads. They must be plastic or something, I don't think they exfoliate or anything. They would just be
for looks. In fact, they mention putting them in fish in a
bag soap to look like bubbles. Anyway, they have some interesting things to sell & also sell SFIC base. Thanks, Sandra

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well, i ordered some of the jojoba spheres, am waiting for an email with my total so I can paypal them the money. Got the sampler pack, also white & purple.....

You should see my craft room. I have one of those 2 door cabinets about 6' tall, about 3½-4 ft wide, that is full of soap whole SHELF is oils (actually part of a 2nd shelf has SOME oils on it), molds, micas, etc....also a few bath fizzie things. So, like I said I REALLY didn't NEED ANYTHING ELSE to play with!!


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well, so far I'm unimpressed with the folks at the jojoba beads site (sunshine soapworks).
I'm STILL waiting for a total so I can pay them, & i've sent an additional email requesting a total, still nothing......

maybe it's just ME, BUT if you have a web site, you ought to check your computer for orders, emails, etc. at LEAST once a day. (Yes, I do have a web site, & yes, I'm checking my computer SEVERAL times a day for orders, emails, etc....)

Ok, rant over......back to your regularly scheduled soapmaking......

(I'm only slightly inpatient.....)


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