Under 2K mini make over pics

momto4boysMay 8, 2010

This is a cross post, as I already posted on the home decor side. But, since I've asked 100 opinions on both boards, I thought only fair to post here as well. :) And I know a few asked me to throw out some pics over here when we were finished.

It's not much to show off, but it's what we had to work with. And it's pretty much done. We have some finishing touches, light molding, under cab lights, etc.

I tried to do a very subtle two tone color scheme with the cabinets. Looked good on all the sample boards I painted, and held up. But, in the end the lower cabs just aren't dark enough. And don't provide the contrast I'd hoped for. But, it's no biggie. It's 150 times better then the oak, so for now..I'm good. We'll repaint them soon enough. It didn't take much for us to do the boxes (we painted them ourselves) and my painter was pretty inexpensive (had the doors and drawers sprayed)

I'd love to replace the floor and appliances. But, it's not in the budget. (well, we are getting a new dishwasher, just not SS) And this is also a house I'd hoped to have been out of by this year. The market isn't in our favor :) So, I've been trying to make our cookie cutter kitchen more tolerable. I'm happy enough with it. If nothing else, burned out. Just to be rid of the oak cabs makes thrills me.

Thanks for everyone who advised me over the last couple years. I sooo appreciate it!

small breakdown

Counter top-belle noche, wilsonart high def ($800)

backsplash-cheapo subway tile from Lowes (200)

cabinets-$100 in paint, and $200 for painter dude to spray doors and drawers. uppers BM white dove. lowers BM baby fawn.

$30 for cabinet maker guy to cut out the middle of four doors, and $50 for glass company to add glass

knobs-$50 Lowes

drawer pulls $20 ordered on line

beadboard, molding, other building materials $100



favorite thing is how dh beefed up the moulding. so we no longer have that huge space above for dust collectors :)

after subway tile and counters

dh put beadboard along the back of the bar, and end of cabs

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i am SO impressed!!!

Makes me sort of wonder why I spent so damned much on mine!!

The cabinets look awesome, especially the glass doors. And the molding, too!
And the countertop is so shiny, I would never know that is not granite.
Very nice job!!

What color paint is that? I love it!

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WOW!!!!!! I'm so impressed, I don't know where to start..........
I love everything you did, you just took 15 to 20 years off your kitchen!
I'd say, with the exception of the new cabinet finish, the glass front cabinets and the large profile crown molding are the details that packed the most visual punch.

Great, great, great job!

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Wow, what a fantastic job you've done! I love love the glass inserts for the doors! Good for you, enjoy it!!

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Wow, is right. Your kitchen is beautiful!! I can't believe that you did all that for only 2K. I love the glass fronts, crown molding, and the new countertops. You really transformed your kitchen!

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You did a great job - what an amazing transformation. So bright and fresh! It's beautiful.

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Best wishes for a quick sale.

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Incredible! It looks so great. I also like the glass cabinets and your overall choices. You're selling your home?? Sure you want to do that?? Enjoy it while you're there!

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I'm envious. Posts like yours make me wish I liked my current kitchen layout so I wouldn't need new cabs. Nice work!

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Thanks everyone!

Nope, the house isn't for sale. We'd lose too much to put it on the market right now. But, our "3 yr plan" in this house, is going on 4..and it's depressing :(
We'd hoped to list last yr and be into something bigger. Oh well, could be worse.

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Congratulations Mom! That is an awesome update of your kitchen. The glass cabinets, the wonderful moulding and the exciting countertop = perfection! As a Realtor, I applaude your efforts to get your home "market ready" - for someday soon. In the meantime- do as Kitchenaddict suggests- have fun and enjoy it while you are there!!

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Oh. My. This hardly looks like the same space. You've done a great job -- it's so warm and inviting --- looks bigger, too. I love the creativity!


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Wow, that looks really awesome -- very similar to what I'm hoping to do with my kitchen, and for about the same amount of money.

Would you be willing to go into detail in regards to the steps that you took to paint your cabinets?

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Great job! Modifying those doors were a great idea.

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Looks terrific! Great color choices!

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It looks great! I especially like the larger moulding above the upper cabinets, it makes quite a difference. You are brave to do so many glass doors--and to keep them so neat!

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This is terrfic! You did a fabulous job.

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berry..hopefully I can keep things neat :)It's only been a couple wks. Quite often the cabs on the left are half empty, as they hold my every day dishes. So many people in the family, never stays full for long :)

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riv, we had the doors and drawers sprayed by a painter. We wanted didn't want to see a lot of brush strokes, and thought we'd get a better quality finish. I LIKE the finish..because it's smooth. And doesn't show the brush strokes. But, the grain is still obvious, which I'm ok with it. But, there are a lot of imperfections he just didn't care to cover up. I'm ok with it, because it's better then we could have done.
As for the cabinets themselves, we just used a finish remover (least I think that's what was in the bottle dh handed me and told me to use, lol) Then zinser primer. And painted two coats of the paint. I know there are a million other steps people take. We just didn't. We may have done the whole sanding in between coats and such if we'd painted the doors ourselves.

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Great job!!! the bead board makes a nice look...very subtle but very classy and ofcourse the glass on the uppers was a great idea.
Amazing space....

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Wow, just gorgeous! I really like the Wilsonart HD laminate, and that moulding over the upper cabinets is just spectacular.

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Of course the color change is wonderful, but you made a very good call on the soffit/built up molding area, the glass doors, and the beadboard. NICE!!

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What berryfarm said -- the extended trim and molding above the upper cabinets really provides balance.

Well done! Definitey get this one added to the Finished Kitchens Blog.

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What a change! Great job, enjoy your new space.

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congratulations! i really love it! looks very clean and bright and i never would have guessed you refinished the cabs. great job!

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what is the color paint on your walls??

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Thanks for the compliments. You've made my day. I've been hesitant to post pics. I know this doesn't compare to the beautiful kitchens posted here daily. But, again..it's what we've got :)

cawfee, the paint is BM Lenox Tan

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WOW! what a great transformation for under $2k ... very impressive!

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Well done! So bright, fresh and organized. The glass cabs are my favorite part.


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Love the:
Beefed up molding
Color choices
Glass inserts
Amazing budget!

And now I have to get that "Cookies Fix Everything" sign. :-)

Congratulations on such a huge transformation and would never believe it was done with such a miniscule budget.

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LOL Ciana, and with a bunch of little boys. It's the truth! :)

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What did you use for countertops? I thought it was granite as well! Sorry if this was asked, I read through the posts and didn't see anything :)

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Typed in the description in google and found out its a laminate! Thanks!! :)

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Wow! You can really make 2K go a long way. Great job, love what you've done with it and am shocked that you did it so inexpensively! Enjoy-

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It looks great! Don't belittle the fact that you didn't rip out everything and spend a ton doing it. If that works, that's the best you can do -- and you made it work very well. It may not be the dream you had, but you did what I was hoping to do when I bought our house. We thought the kitchen would work pretty well as it as and we wound up ripping everything out. We got a lot better function and use of a limited space, but I still feel some regrets for ripping everything out and/or not seeing that we were headed that direction.

I love the glass cabinet fronts -- especially with the canisters in them, the beefed up crown, the new paint and the cookie sign. I want one too! LOL

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I LOVE it. If you don't mind posting some more up close photos of the way you bulked up the molding, I would GREATLY appreciate it. GREAT job!!

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Well that is simply fanTAStic! I love how you took before and afters from the same spot. It looks really lovely, and I think your built-up crown molding is wonderful!

It only cost you $200 to have someone spray the doors and drawer fronts for you? Wowzers. I am going to see if I can find that kind of deal. I seriously am not looking forward to doing 70 of these things.

Your makeover may have been under 2K, but no one would ever guess that. That's why these kind of makeovers are really my favorite. So creative, so affordable, so smart. Congrats on a great, great job!

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Beautiful! $200 for painting your doors? We just got a quote for >3k for painting our cabinets--including the interiors. Waiting now for a quote leaving interiors unpainted. We have a lot of cabinets (42 dooors/drawer fronts), but . . .

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Woo Hoo!!!! I love it, you did such a great job. The glass cabinets are fantastic. I meant to post earlier and never got a moment. It's a great inspiration to others that they can totally transform their kitchen without a lot of money.

Job well done....now go eat some cookies! I bet a big weight has been lifted from your shoulders. It was so stressful picking out the paint color!

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I think it looks wonderful. You shouldn't apologize for it at all. It's really nice and very warm and inviting. And for 2K? Wow, I think it looks as nice as many I see that cost 10 times that much.

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I just love these mini-makeovers!

I also agree this one looks like you spent 10 times what you actually spent.

Bonus: They can be extremely eco-friendly (not much went to the landfill). Use "green" paints and replacement materials, and increase the effect, if that's your goal.

Enjoy, and enjoy the time and money you saved!

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Wow, I thought this page dropped off to no man's land, lol. Didn't realize anyone was still looking at it. Thank you, thank you, thank you for all the compliments and kind words!!
You all have really helped me accept and love my space even more!

olesya, sorry..yes. Counter is laminate! We didn't have the money to do granite, and honestly wouldn't have in this house anyways.

And yea, my painter was cheap! At first he quoted me $320. At the time we were going with a different look. Going to do some distressing. And I believe a lacquer finish or something. When we changed to the white, no distressing..the job was fairly quick. Oh, and I supplied the paint which I believe originally he was going to.
I love the sprayed finish. It's nice and smooth, no brush strokes. The grain is still there, but I don't mind it at all. I didn't ask him to fill it or anything. There are some areas the grain is pretty heavy, and it seeped in pretty deep. Leaving little grooves. But, I hardly notice any more. I just see the over all result. NO MORE OAK! :)

kitchen monster, here are some pics of during.

all dh did was pop off old molding. glued, then nailed 6 inch MDF back where the old crown was. And use a little trim piece where the cabinet and MDF met. And added the crown back on.

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I love this kitchen! Thanks so much for the pictures showing how the trim was done! I've added this thread to my favorites so I can refer to it when we're ready to begin our kitchen!

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Just beautiful! I have wanted to paint our cabinets a soft white but wasn't sure if I could with the appliances also white, but your kitchen is amazing. Maybe the white will work for me! A question...(and it may be dumb)why did you do your uppers and lowers a different color so similar to each other? If that something that you are "supposed" to do that I missed the boat on? Again, your kitchen is gorgeous!

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I hope you don't mind, I stole your bead board idea.

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How brilliant!!

The glass doors, and the new moulding are just genius!!!! I never would have thought of that.

Excellent, excellent job!


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Wow, an incredible transformation!
Thank you so much for posting the photos. I love the glass you had placed in the doors, the result is fabulous!
Congrats on the wonderful new space!

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I have not spent much time on this forum for quite some time..and was here when you were agonizing over giving up your red kitchen...that I dearly loved...BUT, now I find this that you have done and it is SO WONDERFUL!!!!...and on such a low budget too...my kinda gal!


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Wow, I love it!! Finally, a budget I can relate to, lol! We are planning on painting our cabinets and getting Wilsonart HD, glad to see it can look like that! I love the molding at the top of the cabinets, I am showing dh what else I want done in ours!

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