Cracks in exterior brick

vanenkDecember 9, 2009

Hello all,

Moved into our house about 1.5yrs ago. At the time, there were some cracks in the brick/mortar on opposite ends of the house, widest for either was about 1/8". We asked for a foundation inspection before purchase, and they suggested about $3500 worth of repairs, although they indicated nothing was severe.

Recently had a different company come out, they have suggested placing 7 exterior push piers in varying places around the house where the cracking appears. They have quoted $800 per pier total, tax included, lifetime warranty on all work against future movement. Company is very reputable, comes highly recommended. I plan on getting additional quotes for comparison.

Does this sound like reasonable pricing? I grew up in a house with cracks in brick, never had foundation issues (that I was aware of). House is 14 years old, want to correct any problems, but don't want to go overboard. I would greatly appreciate any thoughts/recommendations.

Thanks, and Merry Christmas to all!!!

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Are the cracks growing? If so, it's likely that you are looking at the more expensive repair and I'd get more estimates in that case. If the cracks aren't growing, the repair need is mostly cosmetic, as well as to seal up air leaks and seal out insects.

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If the pier company isn't utilizing the services of a soils engineer, you might consider a consult from a reputable one. It could be anything from improper compaction, drainage problems from water, ground movement issues, etc.

Companies that claim "lifetime warranties" often have "fine print" clauses in the contract that you need to be aware of. These "special" conditions worded in there can eliminate their responsibility for future problems that might arise, so read the contract and get everything in writing knowing what all the writing means and explained to you in detail before any agreement is signed.

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Thanks for the input. The cracks are growing, or they are moving down the walls, so I know they are continuing. I will definitely read the fine print, I know how warranties go.

Appreciate your thoughts!

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sierraeast is right you first need a soil testing engineer group to test the soil and make a recommendation for the best type of repair for your home. I am in Florida and currently my home is being repaired (sinkhole activity) with cement grout. My home wasn't distressed enough to warrent piers. I have a thread here that I have written about my problem but I can't find it.

Even tho you knew this when you bought the house will your insurance company help? My insurance company paid for soil testing and is paying for the repairs by a foundation company. The testing company is best one to tell you what type of repair to use.

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