recycling partylite ideas?

fiestaware1January 1, 2010

Recently I received several Partylite gift certificates, which are of little to no use to me, since my wife and I have began making our own soy wax candles.

We are new to the art of soy wax and are wondering if we could use these partylite certificates to purchase supplies for use in our own candle construction. (we have been making fiesta ware container candles)

we enjoy several of their scents, and they sell their "essential oils" in reed diffuser format.

Can this oil be used to scent soy wax candles?

can it be tempered at a higher temp to induce proper mixing?

if not.....

Is there anything else from partylite that people have successfully recycled into their own products?



Itsacandlenow fiestaware soywax candles

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I have used the "tarts" to scent a batch of soy wax before succesfully making some great smelling candles. Otherwise, the votives work also, just removing the wick. Hope this helps! it is worth a try absolutely!

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