Favors for babyshower

hailie419January 14, 2004

Hi there,I would like to take baby food jars & make candles out of them for an upcomming baby shower. I have never made candles before.That is where you guys come in.......my plan is to melt votive candles & then pour into the beby food jars.......is that an OK idea??? Am I on the right track?? Will it come out OK??? Any other ideas?? Thanks for reading Wendy (sorry for the rambling)

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I am assuming by now the baby shower has come and gone. If not, then yes, you can make candles out of the baby food jars. I have done that before, but I have actually made the candles, not just remelted. How are you going to handle the wick situation? The original wick in the votive will be the right size. If the wick is not tabbed, it will drift around once the candle burns down lower. Use hot glue to attach the tabbed wick to the bottom of the baby food jar.

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