Wax Dipped Bears from Craft Forum

Jill_NCJanuary 14, 2003

Twinrme_LA posted this over at the craft forum, and I wanted to make sure ya'll got to see it. I thought it was a great idea -- really different addition to gift baskets, or what have you, and a way to use up some scent oils.


Here is a link that might be useful: wax dipped bears

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Haha, my immediate thought was ew, how the heck would you wash with that??? And ew, wouldn't the bear get all moldy and yucky in the shower?


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I, too, have seen these and they don't do a thing for me. I guess some people find them attractive, but I think they are ugly. I think (although I am not sure) that they are just for looks. Still..ew!

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Oh GROSS! Call the SPCTB (Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Teddy Bears).

Using the scented oil on a sachet inside a fuzzy bear would be much more appealing.

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hmmmm...sorry i posted it

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Don't be sorry, Jill - I didn't particularly care for the idea either, but it gave me another one. :-) What if we crocheted a little teddy bear (or sewed one together with dishclothes), and either dipped it in soap, or made a pocket to hold soap while you washed? I bed kiddos would love it - and if you made the bear white, and dipped it in colored translucent soap...beautiful for the bathroom! :-)

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Don't be sorry jill! It's always a good thing to share new ideas. thanks for sharing!

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Jill, don't ever be sorry you posted anything. Your ideas are always dead on good sellers! Hey, one time I posted something I saw at a crafter's mall, and someone told me It and I were trailer park trash. ROFLMAO!

And Jamie, I agree with you...this past summer, Johnson & Johnson was selling soap for kids in these little mesh bags... the selling point was that the soap wouldn't go flying around the bathroom when it squirted out of your hands! Sounds like we're on to something.

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These bears were on the forum about a year ago, apparently they are big sellers in some parts of the country. When they were on before folks were mixing birdseed, oats etc with the wax to give them sort of a "grubby" look. I got some bears to try it, but never got around to it. If i get to cleaning the craft room & find them, I might try one, just to see WHAT kind of air freshener it would make....(I know I have wax somewhere, & lord knows I have OIL!!)
could be interesting. I like the looks of them better w/o the "grubbies".


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HEY EVERYONE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This is the biggest seller in the Washington, D.C. area. I didn't sell them at the last craft fair and could kick myself. There were two other soaper/candle people at the fair. They sold every bear in 24 hours. I wish that I had them to sell. They are a hit.

Never say never, I'm so very happy that you posted this. I needed to find out how to create them.

I also found them to be unusual. Now I can't make them quick enough.

For taking a chance and posting,

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They are only ugly if people dont make them right..

Here is a link that might be useful: Wax Dipped Bears Site

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My daughter-in-law and I saw these at candlemart once. We thought they were interesting , but didn't really care to purchase one. Then she received one as a gift. When you walk in her bedroom you can still smell it , and she received it over a year ago. The instructions said that if the scent begins to fade to warm the bear with a blow dryer for a couple
minutes and it will revive the scent. As I said , shes had it over a year and hasn't even had to revive it yet, so apparently they are great air freshners!

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I have one of these bears. My daughter bought it for me in a basket last year for Mothers Day. The candle bear smelled great...still has a faint scent to it. They say to use a hot blow dryer on them to refresh the scent. Mine is blue. Liz

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Hello everyone I am new to this forum.

Can anyone tell me where you have bought the bears you dip. I saw the web site waxed dipped bears and they are so cute but I would love to know where they buy them.
Can anyone help. I have not tryed dipping the bear but it sounds interesting.


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Do a google for 'bears for wax dipping'.
You'll get quite a few links.

Bittercreek.com sells them, but there are several suppliers that sell them.

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Lis~ BitterCreek is a great place to get them and they have the instructions too. www.candlesupply.com they are a blast to make and they make nice gifts too.


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