I guess I have the smallest at 1100

star9763January 27, 2009

Hi! We bought our house a year ago and haven't really fixed much up yet.There are three of us and i am fine with the size. I have no idea even where to get started for decorating ideas.

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We had an 1100 once. Was a good size. The biggest down side for us was only one bathroom. Was a little difficult when we had company. I think I had more in that 1100 house than I have in our 1300 house we have now.

We had an 864 and after that an 806. We were happy in all the houses but there is only two of us. Not counting fur babies.

Can not help much with the decor. I am too goofy when it comes to decorating.Hehehehe Just have fun with it and do what you want.


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I think you will find that there are even smaller homes on our forum. Although mine is 1100 also.

So much in the decorating area depends upon your interests, house style and layout. The decorating forum has a gallery area and includes many small rooms. I redid my bathroom and bedroom with ideas from there. Tons of photos to run through .

Also, can't remember which thread, but there is one here started for listings on sites which lean towards smaller decorating. Although our list didn't seem to get far and maybe there are more out there now with so many articles being written about people scaling down.

Perhaps start with one room and ask some questions here. Or an area that bothers you, something you want to change or have a want for. We can always come up with something done, wanted or seen.

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I could use 120 more sq ft, our house is 980.
We just finished our kitchen.
Now I am stuck on what to do w/ a small bathroom.

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Try surfing around on the Home Decoration page...there are ton's of good ideas, and VERY helpful people!

I love gardenweb!

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It's really hard to find ideas for decorating small homes. Everything you find is for huge homes and lots of space, so I just try to pick corners of spaces that I like. Our house is 480 square feet. We're remodeling the kitchen right now, and we recently added color to our walls. For us, a bit of color seems to make all the difference in our moods.
Oh and I agree on the home decoration page. That section always gets me thinking. Here's our 480 sf in progress:

Here is a link that might be useful: our house

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I bought 1024 3/1 about two years ago. Haven't done much except some painting. I'm divorced, my two sons, 10 & 14, visit frequently and we do just fine with the space. I could have done a much better job of allocating the space if I had started from scratch rather than inheiriting someone elses idea of a good layout, circa 1954. But, you work with the space and make the best of it. See my new post about my Ikea visit.

My biggest challenges are outdated electrical and lack of closet space. Not to mention poor indoor to outdoor flow and usable outdoor space. I could make upgrades but the neighborhood has slow appreciation. Good for affordability, bad for upgrades.

If you could ever solve the contradictions of affordable, energy efficient yet attractive and in a safe neighborhood where owners take pride, it would be the equivilent of discovering the secret to cold fusion.

I was reading this month's issue of Dwell magazine. They feature a pre-fab home that is 1900 square feet (or feet squared for the overly accurate) and came in at an AFFORDABLE $300,000. Affordable? Really?

Sorry, I ramble.


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Good ramble Scott...

Love your blog katie.

I have been lurking over
at Apartment Therapy.
They have some good
ideas for small spaces.
I like looking at the home

Here is a link that might be useful: Apartment Therapy

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What a fun blog Katie, thanks for sharing. Your kitchen is wonderful. Will plan on visiting your daily activities.

Scott, one of the things I have thought of often is the initial costs which are involved in building small. Hookups, land are expensive and usually the same as a home double the size. Granted the cost of building has gone higher, but the start up costs are becoming ever higher.

I live in an area that has a huge mix of homes, very small to Mc Mansions. The chance of getting a smaller home for less than 200,000 is slim. It does have to do with location and wish the older tract areas with wonderful small homes would be renewed. Those areas have so much potential but have been sadly let go.

When looking for a small rental for my daughter I was appauled at the lack of care taken in what was once adorable cottages. They look cute and wonderful from the outside, but once up close and inside nothing has been done for years. Except for tons of paint over what once was beautiful wood trim and worn falling porches. Rent wasn't cheap either.

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Our little cottage is roughly 700 sq ft. There is only the two of us and all of our STUFF, which we are going through, purging some and rearranging the rest.

Katie ~ I also enjoyed your blog. You have a great positive attitude and energy that is refreshing. I can't imagine having those water meters. But the way things are going here taxes are being added to everything and we may end up with all kinds of meters, even for breathing.


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Just under 900 sq ft here, with DH, DD (college student) and myself. Then again, we have a whole farm, so we live large outside. ;^)

As for decorating; with so little space, I only use stuff I really like. Even then, I have extra pictures, pillows, bedding, etc, that I keep and rotate out with the seasons.

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the MOST important thing to do is to buy everything you can with a dual purpose..

when we moved into this house we had NORMAL coffee tables, sofa tables, end tables..etc..no drawers, no cabinets.

well we had a little extra money this fall so i shopped and shopped and shopped until i found just the right pieces to replace everything that didn't have storage with things that did, or replace the WRONG things with better.

the coffee table went for one with 4 cabinets and 2 drawers, games in the cabinets, remotes and notes and stuff in the drawers..plain end table went for one with a cabinet and adj shelf..tiny entertainment center went for one that went the full length (almost) of the wall and has 4 cabinetts, 4 drawers and 20 shelves..dresser and vanity chair in guest room was replaced with a sewing amroire, desk in bedroom was replaced with 2 tall matching bookcases and dresser in guest bedroom was replaced with old entertainment center (now has all our tapes, t v and stuff for guests in there)

silly little shelves and cabinets in bathrooms were replaced with full size free standing (2) linen cabinets, one for each bathroom, cabinet in gym room was replaced with a tall bookcase..and on and on..oh sofa table was replaced with a consol that has 2 cabinets 1 drawer and 6 shelves..

now i have more storage space than i need in the same exact spots that the old stuff was that was not doing anything storage wise.

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we have right at 1200sq. ft. with a family of 6. Two indoor dogs and 2 indoor cats!!! It's 4bedroom 2 full baths. All of the rooms are tiny. Our biggest room is 12x12. Well, the kitchen is 11x17 but our dining table is smack in the middle. I decorate cottage style and try to make everything have a purpose. I love it, We've been here for 5years and each year we do a little project. It's quickly becoming my mini- dream home. Our latest project is taking out the washer/dryer (which is in a closet in the kitchen) and putting up shelves for a pantry. The washer/dryer are going into the boy's bathroom where DH is taking out the tub and installing a tiled shower stall. We are also putting in a sliding pocket door so that the door will not be in the way. I can't wait!!! I will try to post pics next time.

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Small one here too...800 sf, and have raised 2 children in our little bungalow which we bought as a "starter house" 26 years ago. Our kids are now 22 and 24. It's small, yes, with one bathroom, but it's home. We are only now finally remodeling our kitchen, and having a hard time with the plans, but looking forward to it!

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We have a 1000 foot home - family of five all boys (other than me) - Me, hubs, 17 year old, 12 year old and 10 year old and a 90 lb yellow lab.

I can clean it top to bottom in an hour and half.

I sometimes wish I had more space but not very often.

We have renovated our kitchen and bathroom to optimize every square inch of space - dual purpose furniture and purging regularly.

As far as decorating - I try to keep it light and airy - lighter colors and lots of white.

Having the same flooring throughout the entire space also will make a huge difference.

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Thanks for your notes on our little home and blog about it, all.

Ronbre is right. Spaces with multiple functions are the best solution. I just have to work on keeping my laptop off of the kitchen table!

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It's funny how perceptions of size differ so drastically. It seems like most new houses being build are huge or huger. People act like you can't live comfortably if you don't have at least one bath per person and several spare bedrooms just 'cause. My 1250sf seems impossibly tiny in comparison.

I live in the big city and so pretty much all the houses around me are old and small. Most of my neighbors are immigrants, often living with multiple generations under one roof. Our new pet sitter (Polish) came over and what were the first words out of her mouth..."Only the two of you live in this whole house?" From her point of view, we had far more space than two people could ever use.

It's definitely all about perception.

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I think I have ya' all beat! Well- sorta, anyway! Right now I have a 2000ft2 house- but it is for sale...:( I want to build a realy, really cute 696ft2 house! It has everything- 1 bed/bath, nice kitchen with an island, lots of storage- and if I build it on a hill with a walk-out basement I'll have tons of room! It is just myself, and I no longer want a bigger house- if only someone will come along and buy this one!
A friend gave me a St. Joseph statue to bury in the front yard- I just did that last month- and THEN I found out I was supposed to say a prayer...well no wonder it hasn't sold yet- I didn't know about the prayer part!!
I am so eager to build that little house it is killing me! Right now I have too much house and 20 acres- 5 acres and 696ft2 sounds just right!!
Put me on your prayer list please!! Really.

Oh- Katie- seeing as you have a 'western' gal blouse on, I think you are aiming for the northern Rocky Mountain area- right where I live! You just look like you would fit in with all of here! You need a good horse, good dog- you look like a 'palomino horse' kind of girl!! (American Quarter Horse, of course)

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I live in about a 1300 square foot house. I love it. It is crazy. When I first moved in I thought "this is so small!". That was when I first got divorced. Now, remarried and a new baby and stepdaughter later, I have just the right amount of space. I have learned that bigger is definitely not better. I have spent my four years here learning how to think storage. Multi purpose, of course. When I moved in my kitchen had no counters. I was so poor, I used a shipping crate for a counter. Now, that is funny. I have learned how to remodel and redecorate on the cheap. Everything from damaged drywall to some elses left over insulation, and free has become my favorite price. I understand that this doesn't work for everyone, but recycled is awesome. I love my old farm house cabinets and reused "new" windows. It is so exiting to see what I can accomplish with almost nothing. I have learned how to finish drywall. An ongoing process for sure. I can now lay tile and I can paint like nobodies business. That is just a of the things that buying a small old house has taught me. Loving small houses and enjoying making it truly mine.

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785 here with two of us and a golden retriever.

Don't just look for "small space" advice. There's plenty of information about making ceilings look higher and furniture placement to optimize space for regular and large homes.

Anyway, here are my spaces on Flickr
And on Rate My Space

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Jenannie Your home is lovely. So Elegant.

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Well, I have a 900 SF Mobile home... does that count?

The best thing we did was to rent a storage unit, the smallest one, real nearby. It only costs $25 a month and it's the best $25 I spend in a very tight budget. By having that out of site place, and safe and secure, better than a shed or something, I can store a TON of stuff in there... and that keeps the moby from getting too tight feeling.

We go over often enough and I'm pretty careful not to just store "junk"... and we make a habit of cleaning it out once or twice a year... it's like our own garage sale... my kids kinda forget what they have packratted over there and we go through and make sure the boxes are well labeled and just pull it out and take some back with us and bring over some seasonal stuff too.

Great way to vary your decorating a little bit too... you can kinda change out accessories and such, and that will brighten up your small place and make it interesting....

I like the idea too, of keeping things small scale and not too cluttered.... I think when you walk in to a small place and it's just SO filled with eye candy, you feel a little trapped and kinda cluttered as well... keep it simple and it will feel BIGGER!

Hope that helps!


Here is a link that might be useful: The Mobile Home Woman Blog

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You can get home decoration ideas from magazines. That's one of my hobby collecting magazines that contains home decorating ideas. I also watch tv shows that showcases the style, furniture and other home equipment.

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No your not. We have 800 sq.ft.

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And mine is 600. Seems tiny when I think about it but it works fine. (2BR, 1BA cabin)

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Hi Strobe. Since we took in our two porches and bumped out a closet and a tub alcove to make use 2 bathrooms, we now have 1000. I think we'll top out at 1100 when we add a tiny amount more to the back bedroom.

Your 600 is close to being the smallest of the current flock of posters on Smaller Homes. Welcome to the neighborhood.
Thanks for reviving an old discussion.

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