My current obsession - adobe, anyone?

jakabedyJanuary 31, 2013

So I've been fantasizing about retiring in New Mexico. And of course the first thing one does when fantasizing about something that may or may not happen 2+ years in the future is start looking at houses, right? And I find this house. The layout isn't necessarily practical, but do I really care? I don't think so. Not when the house is this awesome.

Anybody care to add their petite fantasy homes to the list?

Here is a link that might be useful: My New Mexico dream house

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Absolutely love it!

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I love it too. I have a friend who lives near there. Her house isn't real adobe but the stuff they build with now that looks like adobe, but not as energy efficient. What I love about that area is that they don't have to have refrigerated air. Evaporative and perfectly cool. So much cheaper than refrigerated.

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Elraes Miller

I lived in NM for 3 years and loved my adobe. After experiencing the housing there is a lot to learn about their construction and architects. Housing is not inexpensive. Known architect homes are sought after and higher prices. A well caught me by surprise with the cost of electricity to run it.

Would move back in a minute if my kids were not all here. I'd buy a straw house built. They have remarkable character.

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What a beautiful home! I wonder if an adobe version of an MCM exists!!

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Re: an adobe MCM, I've seen some modern homes with the large expanses of glass that an MCM would have. But I'm sure the cooling bills are astronomical. The thick adobe with smaller windows makes much more sense for passive heating and cooling. And then in good weather, live outside.

Heck, I just want a home to have character. MCM, adobe, storybook: it's all good. But I find a lot of the newer construction in NM -- other than upper-bracket architect-designed homes -- is really just the same tract home from Kansas or Alabama with a few southwestern-y touches cobbled on. I do NOT want one of those. I think that's why this older adobe speaks to me.

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