Panel door stile expansion

taylorswayDecember 9, 2008

An age old problem I know... but despite my best efforts

to glue the offending stile to keep it from expanding each

summer, I am now faced with the same problem , same interior door, again. Before I take the clamps to the door to tighten it up (now that drier air exists in the house), so the door will close efficiently, does anybody have any long term solution to this problem apart from replacing

the door. (Fyi, we're dealing with a four panel clear

pine, stained, urethane coated interior door.


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The usual solution is to seal the top and bottom of the door so moisture can't get in.
I've been in 80 year old houses that have never had these sealed.

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It's probably not the stiles expanding but the panels in the door. They are too big or glued to the stiles. The panel need to be able to float in the door so that they can expand and shrink.
If the stiles and rails can be pulled apart then do it and adjust the panels so they float in the door.

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