Replacing French/Atrium Doors

threeboxerloverDecember 18, 2012

I have two sets of doors leading to my back yard and both need to be replaced. One is a regular set of french doors but the other is a little different. Hinges are in the center, the right side opens inward, the left side is stationary like a large window - but it has hinges on both sides and can be opened as well. Anyway, I love that door but it is wood and it is rotting along the outside bottom. Time to replace it. The label on it says "Atrium" but I cannot find anything similar when I search on the internet, including Atrium's site. I was hoping someone may have an idea what kind of door this is and where I may be able to find one??? Thank you!!!

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Sold plenty of Atrium doors years back and never remember seeing one like that so I have no idea other than to suggest you run the other way if someone wants to sell you an Atrium door as they are pretty much recognized as a poor choice for a door. Have never seen or heard of any other brand that operates that way either.

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Thank you for your response. This door was installed long before I moved in (so it's over 12 years old). It's a nice door - but I cannot find anything similar. I'm wondering if I could just repair the rotted wood at the bottom? I am having a contractor come out this afternoon to look at it...maybe after seeing it he will know what it is! Thank you.

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Oh - one more question if you wouldn't mind - if Atrium is not a good choice, what brands would be? I've looked at Anderson, Pella and something called Reliabuilt (at one of the large home improvement stores - can't remember which).
Thank you again!

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Of those 3 Andersen would be the only one I would consider and I would not consider buying any type of doors from a big box store. You need to decide what time of material you want the door to be both interior and exterior and go from there. You may even post this in the window for um section as the guys over there have a ton of experience with just these types of products.

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Thank you!!! I just posted the question in the windows forum. The first contractor specifically said he was going to buy the door at Home Depot and then install it. So I take it from your response that is not a good thing..... Thank you again!

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My problem with the box stores is I just do not trust the people they hire to order the correct product, they sell products so cheap that the manufacturers/distributors have to cut corners somewhere to meet the prices the box stores are willing to pay so you tell me where the easiest place to save a nickel is? You got it either the materials and or the manufacturing process and either one is not a good end result for the end user.

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What I think you are describing is a center-hinged patio door. Andersen makes them in several sizes as do other makers.
Be careful when selecting as patio doors are sized differently [height] then entry doors.
Atrium is long gone, and should be.

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Try Loewen doors. We bought all new replacement doors from them after our Atrium doors rotted. The Loewen doors have a clad exterior and fir interior.

Atrium doors were sold to another company and are now Ashworth I think. My BIL just bought one for his house and it has a clad exterior but it is the most real looking fake wood I have ever seen. Beautiful.

Good luck!

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