M&P and using additives that may go rancid?

remjsmom76January 8, 2009

So I was telling people that I will be selling my soap. I said I use M&P method and then I mentioned what I added. I just wanted to get some advice. I told her I made an oatmeal bar with honey, dry milk, oats and almond oil. One posted said that she is worried that i used a lot of stuff that can go rancid because there is saponification (sp?), it had been done when the soap was made? However I have a book and I followed a receipe. A lot of the recipes that have stuff that can go bad, says that we should add Fresh Fruit, the stuff that prevents cut fruits and veggies from going brown and bad.

So is it true that I cant add all these things? I mean I have a book, but I get all sorts of confusing comments from this one poster. Shes a good friend, online, I have chatted with her for a while, but I think she is a CP soap maker. I wont do CP/HP methods cause i have 4 very inquisitve girls and they WANT TO BE LIKE MOM and try to make things I make. So no CP/HP for me not until the youngest is a least 13 yrs old.

Any comments/advice on this racid comment?

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I started with MP soap many years ago & added everything-- fresh fruit, ground spices, you name it-- & never had a problem. Grapefruit seed extract & Rosemary extract will inhibit rancidity in added oils; potassium sorbate will inhibit some rot in water-based materials. If you are worried about your products, tho', make a small batch & let them "rot". I find a sunny window in a humid bathroom will tell me lots in just a few weeks... I started CP soap WITH MY CHILDREN when they were in kindergarten & never had a problem, but they were not allowed to 1) mix the lye or 2) pour the lye into the soap. They WERE allowed to stir the soap, dump in the oatmeal, etc. but usually got bored & wandered off before we even got that far... We hated the goggles, but loved the long yellow gloves (which you can find in pink, too & with rings, even.) However all that said, if I am teaching soap, I INSIST that the person/group have a babysitter there for all kids under 12 because once CP soaping has started, you cannot stop it & don't want your attention diverted from it. Plus, we Moms have to have some time to ourselves, you know... I remember getting up really really really early in the a.m. to make a batch before anyone bothered me....

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