Reprogram Craftsman 1/2 HP Garage Door Opener

spiritualwolf78December 6, 2009

I just moved into this house that has two garage door openers for the two doors, obviously... Anyways, one is dip switches which I was able to program without a problem, but the other is just the program button, you press that then the remote you want to use. The problem is that the neighbor must be on the same code, because when they come home and open their garage door, mine opens as well and then they use the button by the door so mine stays open!! I tried to just hit the button and reprogram the one remote, but to test that it's on a different "channel" I tried to open it with an older remote that I didn't reprogram and it still opened the door. Is there anyway to switch this up so that the neighbors opener remote doesn't open mine? It looks to be an older model and the part number on the back of it is 41A3625. ANY help would be greatly appreciated!!

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Press and hold that learn button on the motor unit, for about 15 seconds.
That wipes out any and all remotes that are trained to that motor unit. (including your neighbours)
Try your remote, you'll find it doesn't work.
Press the learn button on the motor and let it go. Immediately pick up your remote and press the button on it.
The light bulbs on the motor unit will flash at you, and your done.
Try your remote, it should work.
And your neighbours won't.

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