Help with fragrance oil percentages

JentzJanuary 23, 2013

Hi everybody!

I'm relatively new to candle making. I've made some candles for Christmas with the FOs and they turned out pretty good. Well, now I want to make more to sell. All I did was poured a random amount into the wax. That's probably a no no ha! What I don't quite understand is the percentage of oil you use to wax. I see people talk about how they add 2-3% oil to a pound of wax. Exactly how much oil is that and how do you figure that out?
Also, the place I bought my oils from says max use is 10% oil. I just need a breakdown and an understanding of how the percentage works so that I can start doing this correctly without wasting oil. I've done some research and haven't found an answer yet.

Thank you in advance!

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Generally speaking, you can add 1 ounce of oil to 1 pound of wax. You can weigh out the oil, or just keep it simple and add 2 tablespoons.

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Would that mean the 1 ounce would be the 10% they are talking about?

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Yes, that is what I mean.

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