a GOOD Bayberry fragrance?

paul_January 29, 2012

Just wondering if anyone might know where one can find a GOOD bayberry fragrance for candles. Once in a blue moon I happen to stumble upon a candle that has a good bayberry scent. All too often, candles labeled as bayberry instead just smell like pine/evergreen. Unfortunately, I find this latter issue is predominantly the case with the "bayberry" fragrances sold for making candles. Tried the bayberry from Bitter Creek and was not very impressed. It too was more a pine scent than anything else.

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I love the Bayberry from Peak Candle. (I haven't liked anything from Bittercreek.)

Here is a link that might be useful: Peak Candle

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Thanks, Sara! Gives me another source to try! (As I recall the "Lemon Pucker" from BC was good.)

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Try the bayberry from Bolekscarfts.com It is mostly a craft supply company, but they have some great EO's and FO's, and their bayberry is very good. In fact, some of their FO's are for sale in Hobby Lobby (under crafty bubbles).

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