dittyJanuary 26, 2007

I also posted on the lighting forum but was wondering if someone can give me ideas for lighting in small homes. Some of the rooms in my new small home have more outlets than lights. Other than lamps can you give me some ideas? Please post pictures of your small places with your lighting ideas! Thankyou!!!

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ditty, I have the same problem. The rooms are all so dark even when all the lights are on. Lots of outlets and ceiling lights are all so inadequate.

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I'm a huge fan of halogen track lighthing on dimmer switches - very bright when you need it, and you can direct the light around the room where needed. I also love wall lamps - they don't need a table, you can fit them into almost space, and I happen to think they look great.

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As soon as you figure out how to read those lighting books-you know the ones with watts and circles for light broadcasting and height to watt ratios-please come to see me. Remember, Mardi Gras is coming and we have parades every night!!

Really I want to put can lights in the ceiling but where? Self proclaimed lighting experts from lighting stores are not what I had in mind.

My sis-in-law has a buddy that does million dollar houses in FL. He adds the touches that make the houses perfect and liveable. I thought for a million the house would really be liveable already! I'm going to hire him to install lighting over the breakfast bar, over the tub and in the living room. Lighting is really hard because I can't "picture" the results. I just have to trust him to cut holes in the house that are just right.

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Ever consider skylights? Get your SIL's friend to draw you pix before he cuts (and do make sure he is qualified - ask about certification and insurance, etc.) You don't want to make a classic mistake of having 'friends' do your work, do it badly, and then have no recourse if he's not covered (apart from possibly losing your SIL's friendship over it!). You don't (and shouldn't) just 'trust' him to do anything... get the facts!

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I like the idea Lucy mentioned...skylights. Especially in the bathroom as I once had one and it made all the difference in the world. There was also one in the kitchen which really opened up the area. Doesn't help though with night light. But I really rejoyed the sound of rain...when raining.

As for can lights, they "can" work well if placed in the right locations. I have them in the kitchen, but actually don't use them much as they feel way too bright. Which could be changed with the wattage, but haven't. Prefer the undercounter lighting. The two areas you are wanting can placement are pluses and probably worth the install.

On a personal side I'd rather have lamps and if not enough room on tables....wall sconces, wall lamps, or floor lamps behind chairs/couches. I can move furniture if wanted and there are so many different styles available they are decorating delights.

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I also like the idea of skylights, as part of the solution- especially solatubes. Check out these latter ones. These are highly polished reflective tubing covered on the outside roof with a small unobtrusive plexiglass cover and inside on the ceiling they have a lens and they look like a can light ceiling fixture. They are used a lot here in high end houses especially for halls and bathrooms because they can bend and thus can emit light in unlikely places where you could never put a skylight. There are several different brands, readily available from lumberyards and big box stores (Home Depot). They are reasonably priced, easy to install, don't leak, dont cause heat loss, and when installed yeild a great deal of high quality light for free during the day.

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I plan on putting a couple of solartubes in my house too. You can also get them with dimmers for when the light is too bright and/or with electric lights in them (for the evening). :)

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