Anybody have a Wii?

idie2liveJanuary 12, 2010

Just wondering if anybody has a Wii? Before I quit work last year I won the Wii Fit board in a give-away. I had been thinking about getting the console, since you need it to use the balance board. Well, I took the plunge during Christmas while the prices were low. There are several games to play. Boxing is probaly the best workout, but I like tennis the best - I play it every day. (I'm lousy at it, but I like it).

On the Wii fit, it keeps track of your weight and your 'fit age'. Most of those exercises are balance related.

Anybody else have one?

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No we do not have one but they look and sound like fun.


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I really really want one but I'm afraid I'll have to stand on the couch to do it...or move all the furniture out. My small house has really small rooms.

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My DH plans to get one as soon as the new model Wii comes out - it will finally have the downloadable Netflix ability that the other game consoles do. I may never get him out of the house again, LOL.

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I don't know how long it'll be before the novelty wears off, but right now I'm in love with it. I really want the Super Mario game, but I just can't imagine spending $50 for it.

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DH and I played with it at DD's house several months ago. Snowboarding was pretty exciting although you have to punch in your weight if different from other player.
We also did the skiing, archery and for great fun the rock band, for which you need the drums and guitar. It was pretty easy for us old folks to catch on.
Son-in-law gets all the latest tech games, gadgets.
I would imagine you need arm swinging space for tennis etc though.
Lotsa fun!

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I keep seeing this with a lady doing Yoga. Looks like that would be fun.

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Idie, I do not have one, but my 3 granddaughters have. The youngest was 4 and could not read, but it did not stop her from showing me how to play the sports...bowling was the game we played first. Would you believe the little imp was CHEATING? She knew how to manipulate HER control so that MINE was stymied! She said, "But Baba, I HELPING YOU!!!!"

Outsmarted by a 4 year old. Get your grandkids to teach you, don't bother reading the instructions. :)

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emilynewhome, I hit the footboard of the bed with the remote and actually left a dent in the wood! So, yes, you need a bit of space around you.

Chris, I tried yoga and I found out that I don't like it like I thought I would - too much stretching, lol

"Outsmarted by a 4 year old", huh? I know just what you mean! They are smarter and smarter at a younger age.

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