Best Online Sites to Purchase FO's?

christinahJanuary 24, 2007

Hi, I'm wondering what sites are the best for purchasing fragrance oils that are true to scent? I've had one or two bad experiences of purchasing fragrance oils that smelled terrible or just too cloying.

I've had good success with From Nature with Love, but was wondering if there are any other sites to recommend?

Thanks everyone!

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Oops, forgot to clarify. This would be for soaps and bath and body products, not candles. Don't know if that makes any difference, but just thought I'd say.

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Okay, in a round about way, I found your blog, and then your "location". LOL
So I can give you some places to look near you and far from you..

Two of my favorite West Coast Suppliers (far) LOL
Brambleberry~WA and OregonTrailsoaps~OR

Candle Cocoon (her regular line) has alot of great multi purpose scents. (meaning B&B and soap and candles) Fabulous oils they are a bit pricey, but you don't need nearly as much as other companies (mid way~she's in WI)
Nature's Garden ~Ohio
Southern Scentsations~MI

East Coast side...hmmmm
Fragrance Oil Heaven~NY

All the ones I've listed in the body of this thread, I've either done business with, or know friends who use them as well.
Good companies for sure.
But the link below gives you even more choices.

Here is a link that might be useful: A little resource you might like. :o)

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It depends on where you live in north america and what scents you are after.
Brambleberry (Washington), Oregon Trails Oregon, who would have thought!), FPI (Vancouver Canada) have been some of the consistently good ones I have used in the past.

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My browser is playing tricks on me today. First there weren't any responses, then there were more. Hmmmmm.

FPI sells scent (the smallest amount is 1 pound) the last time I checked. When putting in orders to some companies who carry or make their own scent, get samples to give you a better idea of what to expect if you were to order more and soap with it.

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Newbie here.
I use for all of my FO's
They have many scents and are reasonable.

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I buy all the majority of my fragrance oils from:
Let It Shine in Seattle and FlickersFragrances in Indiana.

Both of these places have the best fragrance oils that I have used. I make bath products and candles. Most of them are for both body and wax.

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I will disagree with Let it Shine..I was unimpressed with the 3 or 4 oils I've tried from them. There wasn't one in the bunch I recall, thinking.."ooh this is the scent I'm going to use."

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