HELP! Soap virgin!!

florrie2January 15, 2011

In one of my "frugal" moods, I shredded all my old commercial soap slivers (Dial, Irish Spring, etc), mixed with some water and heated it until the soap melted. I had a gooey, gelatinous mess which I planned to use for soft soap dispensers. Well, THAT didn't work!

Then I read on this site to put the soap into molds to harden. Did that, no effect. Now I have 3 quarts of goo that I don't know what to do with.

Does anybody have any suggestions?

Thanks, Florrie

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I'm a little late to the party yer havin', but all that you shredded up, may not all have been soap.
For example, Dove is not soap; it's a beauty bar, no where on the lable will you read soap.
What you have may never become what you expected.
And, I doubt, that if you in fact did shred up "soap" it would not stay in the liquid state.

Find "soap" , shred it up, heat it adding as little water as possible to keep malauable, then let cool (the closer to the 100F, the better)if you dont have it on the cool side, any scent you add will burn off. Then, plop it into a mold of your choice (a wax milk carton is good for this, if you don't mind the size and shape).
Good Luck!

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