Lotions and Creams

tonylulekJanuary 3, 2006

Does anyone know of a good forum like this one for making lotions and creams, especially with beeswax?



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I don't know of any forums, but both Majestic Mountain Sage and Brambleberry have nice recipe sections, and there may be some links to forums. The only forum that comes to mind is the SoapDish forums; I very seldom go there so I am not sure if they have one specifically for lotions and creams or not.

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I don't know if i can help you I just started in the bath & body product line but I do alot of surfin' and keep lots of records if I can be of any help to ya! I just love working with candles and mp soaps and lotions, bath & body, and all other things I can "Scent"


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I've joined the Wholesale suppies plus forum thinking it would be informative, but it is mostly personal stuff. I think this site has the best info.

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I admin a forum that has lotion makers on it.

Also check out Brambleberry.com...they have recipes using alot of their products.


p.s. if you want in to Candlebrew, read the registration page and follow it...the door will open.

Here is a link that might be useful: Candlebrew~Fragrant Arts

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I belong to a lot of groups on Yahoo groups like the one that was mentioned before. You really have to wade through some of the personal stuff on some of those boards, but you also can learn things and meet other's learning like you and I are.

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