Making straight drywall lines next to firebox

rocketdoctorDecember 7, 2009

I installed a directvent fireplace that will be surrouned with drywall. I have cut the drywall to be straight and les than a 1/8" gap from the firebox sides. However there is still a bit rough lines do to the drywall paper. I would like the lines to look as best as possible.

I want to have a smooth finish when its done so is it possible to run a peice of tape along the edge of this drywall to create this straight edge and just mud and feather out the sides? If so what type of tape shoud I use fiberglass and paper?

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You can use a metal edging similar to a drywall corner bead with the exception that one side is the thickness of the drywall and is meant to be a finished edge. It comes in 1/2" or 5/8" widths in the event you are using 5/8" type x drywall. Most big box stores as well as most lumbies have it. You can also try drywall/masonry suppliers. It caps the edge you are wanting finished with the other edge same as corner bead that you mud over.

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