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My son and I make Bio-diesel (from vegetable oil)our by-product is glycerin. there are other Bio-diesel people that make soap from there glycerin however we are not interested in making soap. We just want to get rid of the glycerin. If this is something you folks can use we would be happy to give it away.We are in Northern Rhode Island USA. Please contact me with any questions.

Thank you for your time


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I would like to add to my previous post, when we make Bio-diesel we use used cooking oil from resteruants, before we can procces it we have to filter it down for particles to fuel grade, So needless to say the glycerin is clear of any suspended particles.Also this would be a liquid soap, our glycerin does not solidify it is the color of light maple syrup and is a raw glycerin. I know of some Bio-diesel people (not personally) that make soap out of there own glycerin and market it. One person even sells a book on the how to's. They have web sites you could vist if you are interested I can list the information.If I am out of line with my postings please tell me, I am only trying to keep the "green" thinking going by finding someone who can use the glycerin instead of me disposing of something that can still be used. Thank you for your time.

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