oddieJanuary 3, 2006

Hi all I posted on the craft and decoration forum frist and those helpfull people foud the recipe I was looking for, it was hand cream made from dollor store products if you have not tried it it's a must for anyone with dry winter skin! its made useing one bottle of baby lotion. one jar of vaseline and one jar of vitiman e cream mixed with a mixer in lg bowel. works better then any lotion I have gotten in the stores. so on to the questions, is there a f/o that could be added to this recipe that would blend well with the baby lottion scent, I just dont care for the baby lotion scent. also does anyone have a hint for getting the lotion into those small mouth lotion bottles thanks oddie

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Rose and most other florals will blend well with the baby powder fragrance. I especially like the rose and baby powder. As far as getting it into smaller bottles, I use a funnel. I poke the lotion through the funnel with a chopstick or something similiar. It takes patience, but it works.

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I would use Jasmine cuz it is my favorite scent and seems to cover up everything. Let us know what you used and how it turned out. I feel we have a new lotion crafter here. Once you get started it gets addicting.

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sriston and athena thanks for answering my post, sriston thanks for telling me to try a floral scent after reading your post I mixed up a batch and added a scent called heavenly smells great, I'am always scared to try mixing scents dont know what mixes well, I dont care for rose scent but jasmine is good just very limited on my F/Os. I recived a coco cone for xmas saved tha bag like a good crafter sure makes filling the lotion bottles alot easier. I have another tip I read somewhere, I took about a cup of lotion and added some of my instant bronze cream mixed well and now i have that lotion that gives your skin a glow, gotta save where you can oddie

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Sounds wonderful, Oddie, I'll try it, too. Thanks for the tip

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