Pillar Candles

candlepeteJanuary 12, 2008

I'm trying to figure out how make a lot of the candles you see here on this candle site. I also would like to know how they are able to make all of these different pillar candles.

I know I want them to be plain unscented pillar candles (that is the main reason I am posting -- I have found lots of places that make the smelly ones, but I really want them to be plain unscented pillar candles).

Thanks, and any help would be great!

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If there is a good craft store in your area (such as Michael's, A.C. Moore or Pearl Paint) you should be able to get the materials you need. You will need a candle mold (They make them in the shape you want), some wicking, some parrafin wax and a pot to melt it in. Parrafin wax is white, so you just have to melt it and not add any scent ot color.

One hint- As wax hardens, it contracts. This will leave an indent in the candle, around the wick. If this bothers you, melt a little more wax, to fill it n, after it sets.

I hope this helps.

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Thanks for the ideas! I've been reading all over the internet and I really like the way those pillar candles look. Thanks again!

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My pleasure!! Post again after you have made them. I'd love to know how they come out.

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Best place I can send you for Pillar making supplies and a fabulous expert on the making of them is Lyschel of Candle Cocoon.
She has all the supplies you'd need..(and much better quality and price than a craft store) And she makes beautiful candles herself.


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