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knash6January 31, 2003

Would anyone share with me a good inexpensive idea for packaging (baskets or boxes)? I'm looking for something, anything, that would hold a jar of cream (6 oz) or so, bath salts, 2 bars of soap, rose petals, etc.



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Go to your nearest thrift store. I found at least 50 useable baskets around Christmas and they all were under $1.00. I didn't use them all, of course, but I'm saving them for future orders.


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Kristi my friend - go to The Container Store and go to the wrapping paper/boxes aisle. They have beautiful gift boxes decorated in florals and such for about $0.69 a box. The boxes will hold everything you've listed above. I use these for my $20 baskets. I leave the top open and standing completely up (to hold up my bottles.) Don't fold the top back at all. After I put my products in it, I put it in a cello bag and tie with a pretty ribbon.
You can also check out www.nashvillewraps for boxes too - they have them in all different prints - not sure if they have "tops" though.

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I found some really cute baskets at our local walmart. they were 1.99 per. they had bark looking ribbon woven into it and there was seagrass ribbon on some of them.

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Big Lots, Dollar Tree, Dollar General, Family Dollar...those are my staple places for stuff like decorative boxes, tins & baskets.

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Thanks everyone! Went to big lots and found what I was looking for. They had very sturdy clear plastic bath caddys for a dollar. Perfect for what I'm making!
You are the best! They also had rose petals for 2 bucks. The same thing that Michaels sells for 8. I love a bargin!

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For those of you who need lots of baskets or other gift holders, try the Willow Specialties company. I have bought from them. Their prices are very reasonable, and extraordinarily inexpensive in their sale catalogs. I think their catalog pictures will inspire you with basket-filling ideas, too. They also have trays, buckets, bowls, etc., as well as shreds, boxes, bags, rafia, wrapfia, etc.

They are "wholesale to the trade," but I found that all I needed to use was my SS number, and paid by credit card.

Here is a link that might be useful: Willow Specialties

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