I am fizzy challanged!

athena143January 18, 2006

Thanks Teri for the link, I went out and bought witch hazel and tried my second batch of fizzy's with no sucess. First it wouldn't come out of the mold, so I pressed it flat and cut it with a cookie cutter. It is crumbly and doesn't fizz, smells wonderful, but very unattractive. Now I'm out of citric acid, can I use fruit fresh from the grocery? I am determined to master this.

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Athena I will try and help since you have not recived a answer, I tried making these awhile back , in a post I read somewhere it said that fruit fresh was the same as citric acid and could be used, since yours are crumbly I would say you didnt use enough witch hazel. I used a melon ball scoop and tried makeing balls , I ended up with a bom bom shape that did not apeer to dry I set them on a cookie sheet and put them in a back room forgotton till after the holidays went to check on them and they were hard like I thought they should be , anyway thats all the help I can be maybe someone will answer your post

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Forgot to say in the post I read they made unscented bath bombs then added F/Os a few drops to each bomb, saves on your F/Os in case they dont set and also you can have ones on hand to scent as desired for a quick gift

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Thank you so much Oddie, I will try again, thanks for the tip. I am determined to master this! LOL

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Sorry they didn't work...I've never made them, so I have no clue..

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I DID IT!!!! I made a batch scented with Lilac. I used a recipe that gave exact measurement. I try molding it and they still wouldn't come out of the mold, so I got a spray bottle a spritzed a little water on and tested it in the mold untill they poped out. I didn't think they were going to work, so I put them on a cookie sheet and left them to dry. This morning I looked at them and they are nice and hard, I threw one in some water and it fizzed! I am so pleased. Thanks, you all with all the advice and help! Now to figure out how to color them.

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so glad they turned out! would you mind shareing your recipe I would like to try makeing them agine, did you try spraying your mold with oil frist ? its used when pouring soap in molds to help release. I have used SMALL amounts of food coloring and also colorent from shops that sell supplies , I tried coloring mine when dry didnt work for me. have you tried making solid perfume? you put in small jars or tins its so easy
happy crafting oddie

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Sure Oddie
1 cup Baking soda
1/2 cup Citric acid (I used 1 cup)
1/2 cup corn starch
2-1/2 tablespoons oil ( I use a combo of grapeseed and almond, but you can use any liquid oils)
3/4 tablespoon Water
2 teaspoons essential or fragrance oils
1/2 teaspoon Borax
Spray bottle filled with Witch hazel or water
Mix the baking soda, citric acid and corn starch until well blended.

In a separate bowl combine cooking oil, water, essential oil, and borax. Mix well. Drizzle wet ingredients into the dry ingredients, pouring with one hand and mixing it together with the other.

Pack into candy or soap molds. I use a circular 2 oz. soap mold with a flower pattern on the top (it's tooooo hard to unmold anything with squared corners). Pack it in really hard, then immediately flip it over and tap it out onto a lined cookie sheet. When all are done, lightly mist with witch hazel and let dry overnight.

Next day, turn over and mist the bottoms with witch hazel. Let dry another day. The witch hazel forms a crust on the outside that keeps them from cracking and falling apart, although they're still a little fragile. Don't make them when it's damp outside, high humidity makes it much harder to do.

I omitted the water and borax. I put water in a spray bottle then spritzed it while I was mixing it (I used my electric mixer)I had a mold handy and sprayed just a spritz or two at a time and tested it in my mold, when it stayed packed and came out nice, I molded them all. I kept the water in the spray bottle and added some color, and spritzed them again.
NOTE: I used 1 cup citric acid. I read somewhere if your citric acid is course use more.

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Thanks for shareing athena, I will put this on my list of gotta try agine!
Happy crafting oddie

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OK after many trials here is what I have learned. Fruit Fresh does NOT work. DO NOT spritz after they are done, it causes them to fizz and distroy's them. So far I have been very unsucessful in using a two part mold. I have been using a clamshell and packing it with an identical one, then just tap them out. Coloring is still a problem, I have used my witch hazel bottle with color in it and spritz the mixture lightly just before I pack it into the mold. My fizzies turn out hard and hold together well, full of great oils everyone loves them so far. Anyone have any tips?

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I am wanting to make these. I used to frequent the other boards quite often but have been MIA for awhile. My kids love these and I would love to make a batch for them. Where can I buy citric acid and the scented oils? Also, is the citric acid a powder or liquid? I don't know where to look to purchase them. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

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I have not made fizzies, but I use molds for other things. So may I suggest trying silicone baking molds? They are available at local stores and are flexible, so you should be able to pop your fizzies out. (I use them for soaps and get good results) Just make sure your fizzies are firm enough and pop them out gently.
I hope this helps.

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